How to Set Goals for Yourself and Improve Chances of Achievement

To succeed in life you need to know how to set goals for yourself so that you can achieve all that you dream of and maximize the potential for success that you have within you.

You can set goals to improve your physical health, get ahead at work, and succeed in your personal relationships and a lot besides.

Your goals can be social, spiritual, artistic, athletic,educational or professional. Knowing how to set goals for yourself is an important first step to take in achieving any of them.

How to Set Goals for Yourself

Break up your goals

Firstly, break up your goals into longer-term goals and shorter-term goals. So your long-term goal at work may be to make office manager, or department head or even CEO.

But this long-term goal will involve several short-term goals: doing a good job with the current project, creating goodwill for yourself within the organization, improving your personal productivity and so on.

Be precise

To know how to set goals for yourself you need to be precise about what you want. You cannot have a nebulous goal such as “success” or “being a winner”.

Not only do you need to be precise about what you want you also need to set yourself deadlines for achieving your goals.

Make a list, create a schedule so that you can then work towards your specific aims in a time bound manner. Develop a step-by-step plan of action that helps you work in sequence. Plan to move on to the next step only when the first step is successfully achieved.

Be positive

Rather than have the aim of “Don’t mess this up”  rephrase your goal in a more positive manner. Make it “This is a workable method; I will employ this”. If you identify your goals more positively, you will remove negative associations from them. You will be able to know how to set goals for yourself that are easier and less arduous to achieve.

Visualize your success

You can call it dreaming or you can call it visualizing your success. Either way when you imagine what your life will be like when you’ve achieved all that you set out to, this itself will be the motivator and the impetus that you need to make a start and persevere with your goals.

Be realistic

You have to be realistic about how to set goals for yourself otherwise you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Be realistic about your own abilities, the circumstances and constraints that you will have to work within so that you don’t get demoralized and derailed from your central purpose.



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