How To Attain Your Self Improvement Goals?

Self Improvement GoalsPeople may set many noble goals who find themselves prone to procrastination, but most of times, the problem with putting things off is that these goals are never achieved.

Folks might make goal after goal, but self improvement isn’t possible if an effort is never made to complete the goals.

The trick is to define the final goal, figure out the steps required to reach the goal, and then set about tackling every step thoroughly until the final goal is met.

Setting Small Goals

The key for setting various small goals in order to reach a big goal, depends entirely upon what sort of big goal has been set. Many folks decide at some point in their lives that they need to improve their health and get more physically fit.

If the ultimate goal of a person is a healthier body, then eating less fatty foods, exercising more or quitting smoking should be included as small goals.

If ultimate goal is a promotion at work [Career Goal], taking some evening college classes, working some overtime, or polishing up a resume should be included as the small goals.

Obviously, each small goal corresponds and leads to the bigger goal. In order to reach the eventual goal a person must simply look logically at what sorts of things need to be done.


However, for many people the problem does not lie with figuring out what steps are required to reach the big goal; many people have no problems with knowing exactly what needs to be done; the main issue for these people is that they just cannot get motivated to start working towards the goal.

A person who is trying to improve his or her social life, for instance, may in fact understand that one of the required steps is to initiate conversation with people, but if apprehension or procrastination stops the person from doing so then he or she is doubtful to reach the ultimate goal.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to make new friends without talking to people. To reach certain goals, certain steps need to be taken.

So what is the Solution? People must decide for themselves that the time is right to start the systematic procedure of attaining small goals in an effort for reaching a larger goal.


To make the resolution to take one small step each and every day towards the goal is one easy way to reach goals. This method breaks down the tasks and makes them seem less intimidating.

For instance, people for whom saving money is the ultimate goal, might one day skip the gourmet coffee they generally get every morning, and then another day perhaps they make a concerted effort to turn off lights that aren’t in use within their home.

Reaching the ultimate goal gets easier and easier once these small changes become habit. In order to reach many goals, it is necessary to have behavioral changes, but if the changes are gradual it makes them a lot less painful. The less painful the process, the more likely people are to stick with their efforts.



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