Creating Your Goals: Stop Making Excuses

There is little question that goal location works, at least among successful or soon-to-be-successful people.

And once you learn how to power up your goals with the necessary strategies, you can create a level of achievement and control over your life that at this point may be beyond your imagination.

In fact, you can become so good at generating goals that it will be necessary for you to be careful what you plan or ask for because you will most confidently experience it.

Goal setting is as important to the successful operation of your life as eating or sleeping. The only difference is that your life won’t end if you don’t set goals.

However, without goals directing your life, you will miss out on much of your possible for experiencing the positive emotions of excitement, aliveness, enthusiasm, joy, and even happiness.

Without goals, you can end up living from problem to problem instead of from opportunity to opportunity. Setting goals will steer you toward opportunities while enabling you to overcome the obstacles and split through the barriers necessary for their achievement.

Running your life without goals is about as effective as attempting to drive your car from the passenger’s seat. To be effective in the goal-setting process, you must go far beyond the usual ideas of how to set goals.

Forget Excuses And Start Making Choices!

“I set goals but they just don’t seem to happen.”

“I’m really not sure what I’m after.”

“I don’t have time to set goals. I’m too busy.”

“I don’t set goals so I won’t be disappointed.”

The winning choice is clear: develop your goals, drop your expectations. It is a mistake to expect that you will achieve any goal because you deserve it or because there is something in your past that entitles you to it.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “deserve.” You end up achieving in life because of planning and control, not because you have “paid your dues”.

You have the right to make excuses, but excuses won’t produce results. In reality you have one of two choices: you can design and direct your future by setting goals and working to achieve them, or by default you lose the opportunity to create and control your own life.

In the latter case, you allow not only your future but also your present to be controlled by other people, events, and daily pressures, all of which produce plenty of stress and aggravation but not a feeling of achievement.

But when you set goals, they become your navigational tools, guiding you toward a expected future or destination despite the sometimes not-so-predictable events that may occur along the way.

And as you begin to define your life in terms of goals, you automatically increase your level of excitement, aliveness, enthusiasm, self-confidence, and self- motivation. The message is clear: goals, particularly written goals, make the difference in your overall level of accomplishment.

Establishing goals has a positive impact on your life. But if what you hope to achieve in life is based on your expectations, rather than on working to reach established goals, you are setting yourself up for the possibility of disappointment.

Expectations have to do with how you believe other people should behave, and how the world should bend at your command. Your expectations may result in a large amount of grief, whereas established goals will result in a large amount of satisfaction and success.



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