You Don’t Need Those Things

lady shoppingWhen was the last time you went out and returned home without bringing with you a pile of bags full with newly purchased things?

If your answer starts with a: “Hmm…” and you cannot remember when exactly that was, then you are probably just like me. For you every hour of the day is the best time to go shopping. You are obsessed with it, and when you actually go out spending money, you waste at least several hours in the process, not to mention the amount of money. You have a sort of maniacal need to have things, especially when they are fresh on the market.

What can I say? I was just like that until I realized that I really don’t need those things.

I was “addicted” to shopping, I admit now, but then I could not get enough, especially when it came to things like shoes, cosmetics and sweets. They were my weak spots. Well, probably they still are but now that I really have more than enough I don’t feel the need to buy them anymore.

Shoes…and with them coming the countless places and occasions to wear them. An endless palette of colors to match with your outfit because all of us know it is tough being a woman around shoes. Shoes are like drugs, you feel and you think you need them. “Those ones will go perfectly with that bag, the others with some dress. These ones are the only ones I can wear at that occasion; those ones are…like created for some other occasion and so on…” That is what passes through your mind when you are in a shoe shop.

You walk out of it with at least one pair bought and you walk into another with the same thoughts in your head. In the end you end up with no space to store them in your home even though some are still brand new and haven’t been worn yet.

On the other hand, you can be at home doing something when all of the sudden a commercial grabs your attention because the advertised product does miracles with your skin. “Having any new cosmetic product is absolutely a must. Every woman knows that”. That is what you think, but what you don’t realize is the fact that you spend a fortune on cosmetic products, and some of them you will never even use.

sweetsA similar thing happens with the sweets. You feel like you want to eat some and you go to get some, but then you cannot decide which ones to buy. You look at them and you can taste all of them all in your head. That leads to the idea that you should have several different types, which in the end, results in a few gained pounds. And this does not happen only once. So, basically you are pushing yourself to the worst nightmare of being overweight.

The only way to stop doing all these things and a lot more similar ones, you have to realize that you don’t really need them. Those are just things, just some additional stuff.

Every time you are in front of a shopping window and you have the urge to buy something, count to ten and think. If you realize that you don’t really need that, don’t buy it. This worked for me, so it will probably work for you too, if you want it to work, of course. Strong will and effort is all you need. The fact that today, we keep hearing about shopping addiction and shopaholics, will surely come as an extra motivation in the fight.

Also the idea that you will save some money from going to waste could also come to your benefit.



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