We Are What We Are Made To Believe

self confidenceIf somebody you respect and you believe in, expects you to produce a certain result you will do your best to fulfill their expectations whether they are good … or bad.

The law of expectations is something we meet and work under every day.

I remember that when I was a child I was always under the impression that my parents were right to stop me from going swimming in deep waters or telling me a certain tree is too high for me to climb it.

Their opinion was very important for me and because they were expecting me to have good results in school I did my best to prove them right.

Over the years I went through several job opportunities and finally achieved the management position I was craving for. That was where I learned how important this law of expectations was. As in any place there were people less inclined to deliver results. Also the attitude of some of my subordinates was not exactly friendly.

That is why I decided to become the best I could be doing the best work I could do. Doing this I’ve put my faith and trust in the people I was working with. I made the best decision in doing this since I was coordinating a department full of overworked and underpaid people and all of them were treated like hired help and not professionals .

During 2 months I did my best to prove my subordinates that I believe in them, I made time to discuss the issues they had about the management and I relied a lot on their common sense rather than on my authority as their manager.

I was reasonable, not friendly but confident and I somehow led them to believe they were exactly the same as I was.

As a result I have created a team. Much more important than anything, my team was working as a unit, making the best efforts they could make, mobilized and anxious to get a result.

During the project I assured them of my respect, of my belief in their work and most of all of how confident I was they will make a wonderful job.

That strategy proved to be better than anything I could have tried. It has conducted to the best result we could have achieved and I have got myself a team of hardworking people and in the mean time a perfect management strategy.

My point here is to underline that people respond to what is directly linked to them and their way of seeing things. In the same time people respond well to confidence and very bad to autocratic and impersonal behavior.

This is how most of us are manipulated in doing good or bad.

Consider that you are a wonderful person; working and striving to achieve your best and while doing this you are always seeing people who are not satisfied with your actions. Whether that these people are from your family or from your work …or simply they are the people you are interacting with daily, you have to know that the only relevant opinion about yourself is the one you have.

So let yourself believe you are the best you can be. Doing this, set your goals closer to Earth in the beginning and raise them as you grow as a person. This way you will find out that being strong, confident or resilient is only up to you.

You can be better, work better, feel free, and have time for you and your dear ones and most of all you can grow a positive opinion about yourself.

It is all in your power. Do not let anyone tell you different.



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