The Truth Is That Thing That Makes Us React

stressedIt has happen so many times that seeing a crash on a drive way we are always to stressed or too afraid to react. We always freeze before danger.

The people that react better under pressure are rare exceptions and as bewitching it may seem such a person does not fit in the profile of regular persons.

So when we are under a lot of pressure and receive information from everywhere the best way we can protect ourselves from fear and panic is to learn how to process this information.

All of us have been in the situation of losing someone dear, seeing things destroyed…or simply having to handle a much heavier load than we actually can.

The best attitude we can have is to stop and consider the effect before we react.

Just take a second and consider this.

The swine flu epidemics represent a major world danger. All of us are facing the odds of infection, the media covers the subject every day and the people are seen in the streets wearing masks …

In these conditions the panic lurks in the corners of our society and people react differently from country to country.

Following this particular example let me ask you a question:

When and how did you hear a vaccine was created to prevent the spreading of the swine flue virus?

Because the news of this medicine breakthrough was not one that could result in creating panic and mass coverage as the announcement of a possible world pandemic crisis did, the vaccine was not as advertised as the disease itself.

thinkingSo … we should really ask ourselves what does determine us to respond when presented a situation?

It is a known fact that the human reaction is stronger when something bad happens so it is crucial to learn how to react.

People are not always at their best under the line of fire. Also …while facing disastrous situations, we are tempted to behave the worst possible.

Somehow our self preservation instinct drives us to beware the truth.

If the truth is what makes us react we should learn to react to the truth. Panic does not help and many of us are a lot better than we think when we have to react to something awful.

The truth is what we want and choose to believe. The news is interacting with our lives and the way we see, feel and perceive them defines us and our reactions.

The most important thing is to not let ourselves influenced by other people’s opinion.

The truth that needs attention is just our own.



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