The Guilt Factor And The Social Life

As individuals we tend to let ourselves governed by the way society sees us and as employees we are condoning the behavior that is expected from us.

Ever since we are children we are educated by the guilt factor our parents do not hesitate to spread on us especially in the occasions when we do perform the way they expect us to.

guilt factor 1Growing up, the school spreads more guilt on us, the teachers strongly believing that they can guilt us into doing better by acting disappointed, if we do not present the results they expect.

You would say that, that style of guilting kids into learning is quite constructive because it interferes in their natural wild side and stimulates them into doing the right thing.

Perhaps you are right to think so, considering that as generations come the kids is responding less and less to the reasonable advice about their social future.

Still, as grown ups come the guilt factor comes completely in a different light.

Leadership and corporate behavior teach its managers to hide guilt into their expectations, showing disappointment if the task was not completed as it should and pushing the employees to an area where guilt obligates them to perform as expected.

Why does the guilt have such a power in this situation? If you look carefully at the corporate culture you would see that it is built on expectations, the higher the better. The expectations are meant to be realistic and as human resources go, fulfilling them requires effort.

guilt factor 2Guilt comes into picture to stimulate the mind of the people, showing them they can do better, that they were expected to complete the task ahead of schedule and that they did not produce the result expected from them.

Is guilt constructive in this case? You would say it is and I would agree if it refers to a random thing the leadership applies, but when the random becomes the usual, the result may turn into exactly the opposite.

A man, guilted into doing things he cannot, or he does not want to do, eventually will produce the worst possible result.

What about family relations where guilt is something extremely natural, born and bread inside the family bosom and inflicted on each and every member of it.

If you are looking carefully at an individual’s life you would see how much power has the guilt over him.

guilt factor 3The wife or life partner guilt’s you into not paying enough attention, kids will guilt you into not spending enough time with them, your parents will do the same about the delicate matter of calling them all the time and keep them updated about what is going on in your life.

Your friends will make you feel guilty because you don’t make time to spend with them and the list can continue…

The average adult is forced to deal with all kinds of guilt and the course of life presents him with the opportunity of finding endless reasons to escape it.

Still before dealing with the fact, we should deal with the cause. Keep in mind that you are important for the reasons you cannot explain and that guilt is the world’s way of saying it depends on you.

See the guilt as a factor and not as a burden and do not fight it. Acknowledge it and move on for nobody can guilt you into being something you don’t want to be.



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