If You Make It …Will It Happen?

argumentThere are so many times during our childhood or our youth when we are facing troubles of many kinds and all our dear ones find the exact moment to tell us that it’s always up to us to fix the mess we are into.

From the early childhood we are told that we are never forced to face more than we can handle.

The life offers us the power to choose, the opportunity to make mistakes and the chance to handle them and make the best of every challenge.

I was attending a motivational course about management skills attended by so many others looking as I was for an answer of handling the many problems they were facing during a day, when the so many notions I was sharing with those people hit my mind like a hammer.

We are led to believe that we can control whatever happens to us that we are invincible and directly responsible for what happens to us.

The most effective way to handle our issue is diving in and fixing them. At least this is what the very popular modern society theory serves us daily.

The concept that anybody can handle his or her issues is very common and it is present in all the trendy magazines.

But nobody really teaches us how…

Let‘s say for the sake of argument that you are in a terrible position at your work place, your boss is totally unreasonable, no matter how many hours you put in there is always too much work that needs to be done, your coworkers are a pain and nothing you can do will improve this situation…The only logical thing is to quit.

The question is why do so many people keep getting stuck in a job they don’t fit?

The economy is difficult and going after a new job is pretty much out of a question, but living in pain for sometimes more than 8 hours a day is not a viable choice either.

stressThe issues we have at work end up taken home and shared with our beloved family and friends.

We take the issues everywhere and we end up snapping at a shop assistant or shouting at our neighbors, overstresses and annoyed carrying all the time a burden far greater than our powers.

It happens that we are overwhelmed by the world around us and any resolution we swear to keep is at its turn overwhelmed by the importance of our constant rage.

So the bottom line is …yes… if we make it, it will …for sure…happen.

The world surrounds us with piles of worries and serves us more dirt that we can handle but the way we react to it is up to us.

I am not saying we should become robots and not care about what is happening to us. We just need to learn to react at what is really important.

The secret of our strength comes from our lessons of life. We are always better than the things happening to us and the second when we realize this we are free.



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