Change – Why Do We Resist It When The Only Thing We Can Do Is Adapt?

People are reluctant to change. This is a statement we all know to be written in stone by the very nature of our human DNA.

The comfort zone we build around us is something we treasure and anything changing inside it is considered an intrusion able to disrupt the very nature of our inner peace.

Change is something we face every day. If the change comes during our private life or if we face it at work, the change is meant to interfere with the routine and modify the very details of our life we normally do not consider as being important.

work environment

For example a change in work management is coming as an unpleasant challenge even if we are not sure what exactly it may imply. Since the truth relevant for each of us is the truth that we make ourselves believe, regardless that this truth is real or not, we are facing that challenge directly influenced by the vision we perceive the change will create.

It was proven by social studies that when a significant change happens inside a company with more than 1000 employees the odds of this change being interpreted as a negative one are increased exponentially reported to the number of people directly involved in it.

It is said that usually inside the corporate business the massive lay-outs are done post a certain preparation strategy meant to create the right opportunity for the fired employees to not perceive it as a probable cause for a law suit but as a significant chance to make a step forward looking for new opportunities.

employees in a company

Whether this is a corporate myth or not, the economical crisis has shown us that when facing change the people of the 21st century were a lot more opened to evolution than those from the last recession.

This is the practical result of the so many opportunities of self development that most of us are offered every day. In the era of computers, internet and online business the change comes to be equaled with challenge. The concept that only the powerful characters are able to face it, see it as an opportunity and make something out of it as a bit farfetched.

You must realize, when facing change that your comfort zone is as large as you need it to be. Stretching your arms further will for sure increase it and if this will not make you better it will for sure make you more fit to face what lies before you.

Change has the ability to turn us against one another. It can cost us friendship, harmony at home, the love of our dear ones but more than that, our self esteem. If we dare and face the change we can literally grab it by hand and make it ours.

When you look with fear at something about to happen, remember that we are physically equipped to fight any cold virus our body comes by. If we can survive fever, headache, running nose and cough we can for sure survive change.



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