What Is Circumstantial Depression?

Circumstantial depression or Situational Depression, as it is sometimes known, is the sort of depression that is caused by a particular event, or loss, or bereavement, or a life altering change in one’s life.

It could be the death of a dear one, a retrenchment or job loss, a major or incapacitating accident that could be the cause of circumstantial depression.

It is natural that grieving is a process that follows a loss. Feelings of sadness, dismay and a desire to turn back the clock are only normal and it is important to confront those and take the time to work through those feelings.

But if you find that even after months following the event you are still tearful, deeply unhappy and unable to function normally, then you are likely to be slipping into clinical depression.

At such a time it is easy to slip into a cycle of self destruction which may involve substance abuse, inactivity and inertness (that will negatively impact your health now and later) which must vigilantly be resisted.

So if some unfortunate circumstance in your life is causing circumstantial depression, be watchful that it does not take a heavy toll on your life in totality. If required get help, therapy or join a support group and work through it, but do not let it take over your life; which it can do, unbeknownst to you, and surreptitiously!



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