What Depression Can Do – Thoughts of a Depressed Minds

Depression is an agent in the mind, which mediators, manages, and negotiates, the way we think and feel. Depression is a driving force or vehicle that makes us to believe that we are worthless.

Depression can make us feel like the world is irresistible and there is no hope for resolve. Depressive symptoms can make us feel like giving up, and all the while, the vehicles in our mind push us to think suicide is the way out.

The mediator goes in-between our emotions and thinking while intermediary acting as a third party to our way of thinking. The action becomes a referee that forces the mind to negotiate, while arbiters officiate, our ideas. We can consider a few thoughts that are common in depressive minds to help you see how depression works.

No One Loves Me – Everyone Hates Me

How do you distinguish love? What does love mean to you? Do you know the symptoms of love? Love is a devotion, which feels affection for another human being. Love is a fondness, or form of worship. Love is at what time someone finds you adorable.

Now ask, do you love yourself? Before anyone else can love you, you must learn to love self. While you have family and friends that love you, likely you are seeking to fill isolation and passion within you, while thinking outside of love’s boundaries.

How do I learn to love myself? You learn to love self by cultivating and developing your human traits that make you a whole, such as confidence, self-assurance, self-esteem, and the like.

You have a counselor within you that will direct you through the steps to find you, which brings you to love self. You must explore the mind to find the counselor and apply self through effort to attain your mission.

I feel empty inside.

Why do you feel empty? I can help you spot the problem behind this irrational/rational notion. This is common, since millions of people say this everyday, and few rarely understand why.

The reason behind this feeling is that you are unfilled. This means you are undeveloped mentally and physically as a human being, and haven’t found completeness by exploring your mind and body. You are not in touch with self.

I am Worthless

I am worthless, and have no insignificance in life. Did you know God created you, and if you are saying you are worthless, thus you are stating that God made a big mistake? Worthlessness means you have no value as a human being.

In other words, you are saying you are garbage while refusing to recognize your humanity. Thus, you prompt additional depressive symptoms while thinking this way, which include emptiness, hollowness, and meaninglessness.

What are you intentions?

Depression has many symptoms, yet to understand completely you must explore the symptoms in depth. Once you find the purpose, meaning, and cause you will soon learn to understand your symptoms, accept, and move ahead to manage and conquer depression.

Without understanding and acceptance, your mind will stick with denial, which disables you from seeking help.


Say with me, I am worth something, since I am a human being. Continue to say this everyday.

I feel like I have no meaning in life.

Vanity, narcissism, self-importance, arrogance, conceit, and pride often make a person feel as though they are meaninglessness. What you need to do is humble self, while conforming to modesty, and developing an unassuming nature. You need meekness. Still, you need to find your purpose in life, which will bring you meaning.



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