Understanding Reactive Depression

depressionAs the common cold is to our health, so depression is to psychiatric illnesses.

This is to say that this is the most common of mental illnesses, particularly in the modern context.

There are several types of depression and among this is reactive depression which occurs in reaction to certain occurrences or situations in life.

Reactive depression could result from a number of instances such as a change of job or home, a relationship break up, a bereavement of a loved one, being laid off at work or work related stress, marital problems, divorce or discord with children. The depression could be a reaction to any of these situations.

Reactive depression could start off being very severe and could cause a person to be suicidal even; however time and distance from the problem can reduce the severity. What can also reduce severity of reactive depression is the sort of support system a person has around them and how well equipped they are to cope with the problem.

Reactive depression could be treated with learning relaxations skills, taking certain medications or food supplements. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also seen to be an effective means of countering reactive depression, which is a way for a person to work through the cause of the depression.



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