Types of Therapy for Depression – Your Options

The treatment options for the types of therapy for depression are many. Though there are medications that can be quite effective for treating depression, sometimes they don’t work.

The side effects of these medications can be significant, so wanting to avoid a pharmacological approach is another reason to opt for therapy.


Psychoanalysis or Psycho dynamic types of therapy for depression

This classic treatment for mental disorders developed by Sigmund Freud is still one of the mainstays of therapy. It explores the unconscious urges that lead us to behave, think and remember the things that we do and brings them to the surface.

Psychoanalysis is an intense and rigorous therapy that can continue for years, whereas psycho dynamic therapy is less rigorous but with the same objectives.

Cognitive therapy

These types of therapy for depression presuppose that our thoughts guide our behavior and that negative thought processes precede negative or harmful behaviors. The aim of this therapy is to address and change cognitive distortions or negative thinking into more positive patterns. This is a structured form of therapy that requires significant effort from the patient as well.

Behavior therapy

As the name suggests this type of therapy is geared towards changing behavior patterns. The unwanted behaviors that are learn t over time are sought to be replaced with healthier behaviors using classical and operand conditioning. The person’s anxious response to a stressful situation is sought to be corrected.

Interpersonal therapy

Past and present interactions with others can affect mood and personality. These types of therapy for depression are used particularly for resolving relationship issues, professional issues or other interpersonal disputes that a person could have in their life. This therapy can involve some amount of role-play with the therapist.

Experimental therapy

This type of therapy seeks to create a sympathetic and supportive therapy atmosphere for the patient. Here, encouragement and empathy of the therapist is a large part of the treatment.

The other types of therapy for depression

Depending upon the type of depression that a person is dealing with; and the other people in their life who have bearing on their condition, the type of therapy can vary. An individual setting, group therapy, therapy involving couples or an entire family can be opted for where required.

Whereas individual therapy gives a patient the full attention of the therapist, family or couples therapy may be required when the family dynamic and interpersonal relationships are involved.



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