Tips to Overcome Depression After Losing a Job

Losing a job is definitely a tough situation to handle; both emotionally and financially it can be destroying. The high rising expenditure of everyday life and financial support every individual needs to give to their family are the prime causes that break down a person after a job loss. You will feel vulnerable, terribly hurt, and even angry after losing a job but handling it tactfully can be made possible by taking care of yourself, setting up goals and reaching out to potential resourceful people.

Rediscovering yourself can be done during this tenure and instead of grudging over what has happened you can utilise the time to increase your knowledge and for overall development. Don’t let the job loss affect your psyche and shake your confidence levels; panic, shock, fear, denial are the common reactions but you will once again make a living and very soon have a good professional position – believe this fact!

tips to overcome depression after losing a job

Symptoms of Depression After Job Loss –

  • You will feel insecure about your professional identity
  • Lose self-esteem and self-confidence eventually
  • The daily routine will get disturbed
  • There will be lack of purposeful activity
  • Start getting away from social network
  • Suffer from lack of sense of security

Apart from these you might even suffer from physiological changes like lack of appetite, lethargy, anxiety, insomnia, weight loss, and above all acute mental depression. There is a positive way out for every trouble, and this is no exception, check out the following tips to deal with depression after a job loss –

Face the Situation

This is the primary step that is very important. The more you avoid the feelings, the more it will grip you and not let you do anything constructive. Instead face the depression, anxiety and fear and accept the fact that you are jobless. Challenge the negative thoughts and develop the willpower to go ahead overcoming it.

Talk to your Trusted Friends

Do not shun yourself in a closed room that will not help you in anyway. Instead talk to your close friends and especially the ones who have good contacts and resources. You might get a job offer from them very soon; don’t get choosy at this time but just to continue the habit of work get involved in any kind of engagement that sounds meaningful. In a span of few months you would surely move to a better place with the appropriate job profile.

Pen Down your Feelings

Accept the reality and write down all your feelings – speak out your heart saying all the things you could not have said to your former boss. This act is considered to be a “catharsis” if your termination letter reached you in a rude way. Write it every day if needed and tear off the paper for sure. Reading it later once again can trigger the pain!

Don’t Blame Yourself

Self criticising is good when the situation is in favour; but particularly after job loss self accusation can lead to devastating effects. You might lose self confidence and therefore avoid putting yourself down. Never think “I’m a loser,” instead focus on the real reason for the job loss; you had tried your best to do at the workplace. Now it’s time for change and you will have a new job soon!

Join or Initiate a Club

Once you join job forums, clubs or units you will be flooded with options and opportunities to find a new job. In fact, instead of brooding over negativity you can gather people of same consequences and start a group where you discuss about everything positive about life and career! If all job seekers are around you, you would surely feel energetic, motivated and on the right track to get a new job. Public libraries, classifieds, professional networking sites, college or university centres etc are the best places to get in touch with such groups.

Stop worrying as there are plenty of opportunities if you really want to find it systematically. Job loss is indeed something that automatically brings in negative vibes, but adapting positivity even in such a situation is worth a merit!


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