5 Tips to Fight your Depression

Life has its highs and lows and it is through these low trying times we evolve as stronger individuals. But what if we are too weak to handle the lows at times in our lives? That is when we immediately plunge ourselves in negative procrastination, and lose our self-control and this period is what is universally known as depression.

It is one of the worst possible psychological phenomenon that we can ever come across. It is very difficult for us to simply beat it with the help of sheer will power, for if we had the courage and the will power then we would not be depressed in the first place. Though the best step to battle depression is to take professional help but the below given 5 tips will also help you to tackle depression.

tips to fight your depression

Action not Procrastination

While in depression you need to take drastic steps and act accordingly. Your depression will build on you if you don’t.  Yes it is quite hard to take any action while you are depressed, but know this, that it is the right moment and you have to strike it to fight it.

Taking Small and Focused Steps

One very helpful method to fight depression is to take small steps of achieving something and staying focused on it till you succeed. Take your days as they come, do not try to think long term or look too much into the future, this might take your focus away, something which you do not need while you are still struggling with the reason for your depression. Once you start practicing this you will be surprised to see how much the cumulative amount of satisfaction is at the end of the day.

Build New Supportive Relationship

You need to lift your attitude of keeping to yourself and make socializing a regular habit. You must be in constant touch and contact with your closest friends and family, ones who you can completely trust and try building more meaningful relationship with others. You may try volunteering as a care giver at an animal shelter or an orphanage or an old people’s shelter.

These activities would help you harness the brightness that is currently enveloped by the darkness of your depression. You can also join an anonymous association where you will be given the opportunity to talk about your deepest darkest problems without the fear of people judging you. This will help you reevaluate your actions and show you a better path. Remember being with others and helping, and supporting them when in need can give you a sense of satisfaction.

Think Positive

The time when you are depressed is the time when negative thoughts get a free pass to your mind. You must fight to keep them from entering your system at all cost. Give your best to keep negative thoughts at a bay. These negative thoughts threatening to enter your brain can put a negative spin on everything else in your life.

To prevent that you need to stay strong and focus on thinking positive and only good things. Do not try to attain perfection, be happy and content with the little imperfections too. Remember the imperfections are also a part of who you are, because they are unique to you.

Pamper Yourself

If you are seriously considering overcoming your depression then this is one thing you must do. It might sound like a little over the top, but remember when you are depressed you typically feel like not doing anything. It is a period of food and sleep deprivation which ultimately takes a toll on your body. Remember to eat a lot of healthy food, and not skip your meals even if you are not particularly hungry.

Try and get some rest and sleep well. If you want to particularly boost yourself go for a pampering session in a spa or a beauty treatment. This will make you feel good about yourself and harness your confidence. Also try and do things that you really like to do. If you like music then listen to good music or if you love working out then go to the gym regularly. These extra-curricular activities will help you prevent from sinking into your depression.

Don’t forget that even if you are receiving professional help these tips can actually help you speed up your recovery. So do not give up and fight along.



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