5 Tips to Control Your Mind Over Negative Thoughts

We have over 50,000 thoughts every day. And in this heap of thoughts, the majority of the thoughts are those in which we worry about something. These worrying thoughts, or “Negative thoughts”, are absolutely normal. It is natural for human beings to think negatively about any situation. Our ancestors were hunters and they used to scan their environment all the time for any potential danger. Hence, negative thoughts are apart of evolution.

When we try to stop us from doing something, we end up doing it or at least thinking about it. Hence, if you want to stop negative thoughts, do not stop thinking right away or else you will end up suffering more.

We have come up with 5 easy to follow tips for you which will aid you in warding off the negative thoughts:

5 Tips to Control Your Mind Over Negative Thoughts

1. Speak to your thoughts

As said above, don’t stop thinking about negative things right away. You may stop your negative thoughts for a while, but it will come back strongly, and you will get more frustrated. Instead, speak to your thoughts. This sounds like speaking to yourself, but here, you need to speak to your thoughts, considering them as a separate entity or person. For instance, there is a thought continuously worrying you: “What if I fail in the exam?”, then speak to your mind: “Okay, there could be such a case, but I have studied well and it is less likely that it would happen. Anyway, I will take a look at the topics again.”

2. The glass is half-filled

The glass is half empty or half full? This is a popular proverb of optimistic thinking. And you could very well incorporate this attitude ton control negative thoughts. You cannot change negative thinking with a positive one completely. But you can do it subtly. Instead of “I am getting rejected for the past five interviews. I am not going to get a job”, you need to do a minor change in the perspective: “I am getting rejected for the past five interviews. The circumstances are challenging. I need to up my level to get a job.”

3. Jot the negative thoughts down

Studies have shown that when you write the thoughts which are worrying you on paper, you start worrying about them less. Make it a habit of writing all your negative thoughts every day. You will start seeing the difference slowly.

4. Meditation

Meditation has become a great tool to calm down your mind and reduce the stress. Take out 15-20 minutes for meditation. Sit down and take deep breaths. Focus all your thoughts on your breathing. This will reduce help you to focus keep your thoughts away from negative things.

5. Exercise

It is scientifically proven that working out releases feel good hormones and reduces stress hormones. Spend some time exercising. This will also distract you form your worries. You can do any activity like cardio, weight training, dance, Zumba, sports activity, etc.

We have medicine to heal our body. We have nutrition to take care of our organs. But there is no medicine to control our thoughts. These are intangible problems and only intangible ways can resolve them. Incorporate these tips in you daily lifestyle.

These wouldn’t change things overnight. You have to maintain the continuity and gradually you will start observing the change in you. Remember, there is nothing we couldn’t achieve; it just need a determination and a positive thinking.


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