8 Tips and Self Help Strategies for Depression

There is no doubt that depression is a serious mental condition that requires medical intervention, medication and therapy. However, self help strategies for depression can also help in recovering and healing from this condition.

Self help strategies and developing effective coping mechanisms can hasten recovery and can help to prevent a relapse. Here are some of the self help strategies for depression that will help in recovery from depression:

1. Lower and manage stress

Stress is not only one of the causes of depression it can prevent recovery too. So, lower stress by learning relaxation techniques. Or find hobbies and activities that help you relax.

Does drawing or painting relax you? Is gardening therapeutic? Do you feel calm and relaxed when cooking?self-help-strategies-for-depression

2. Develop coping mechanisms

Developing coping mechanisms is one of the most important self help strategies for depression. People, situations and even places can be triggering for people who have depression.

However learning how to respond in a healthy way to these triggers is a key to managing stressful situations and not letting them get the better of you.

3. Get enough sleep and exercise

Physical exercise and adequate restful sleep are strong predictors of physical and mental well being. They are known to prevent stress, obesity and a number of physical ailments and mental problems. They release health affirming hormones in the body, improve immunity and help in healing and recovery.

4. Remove negativity

Recognize the fact that negativity is an inaccurate view of the situation and that contributes to depression. Actively prevent negative thinking. Encourage positive thinking by trying to be optimistic. Find one positive thing to appreciate each day.

5. Keep realistic expectations to avoid failure

Setting unrealistic goals can be setting yourself up for failure. Try to avoid taking on too much responsibility, break tasks up into smaller segments, prioritize and keep expectations realistic. These areself help strategies for depression that will really work for you.

6. Do what you enjoy

Not only should you be doing what you enjoy doing, you should also not be feeling guilty about doing it.

7. Give yourself time

If you find that you’re not making progress as fast as you would like, remember that recovery from depression can be a gradual and time consuming process. Don’t get frustrated and look upon each bit of improvement as progress.

8. Increase social contact

Banishing loneliness and increasing social interaction is one of the most important self help strategies for depression.



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