Relationship Between Depression and Learning Disabilities

Depression and learning disabilities are often misinterpreted. Everyday millions are affected with mental illnesses – learning disabilities and depression.

Studies has shown that children suffering with learning disabilities have complexity learning to speak fluently, take care of their health and bodies, and often suffer with the incapability to handle with stress and the common pressures of everyday living. Many depression and learning disabilities patients claimed to be borderline retards.

Causes Of Depression

Depression is related to emotional scaring, chemical imbalances, childhood traumas, deficient nutrition’s, and other factors, so therefore it makes sense that it is believed a form of retardness.

Causes Of Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities are often stemmed from positive influences, lack of education, and miscommunications. Often people that suffer from depression and learning disabilities are besieged, and this too creates a problem for the patients.

You should immediately contact a professional to avoid risks, if you notice anyone around you that is suffering from symptoms of depression and learning disabilities, such as lack of enthusiasms while playing, suicidal tendencies, feelings of despair, unhappiness, and negative thinking.

Depression is serious mental health disorder and it requires immediate attention and treatment. Often people tend to use alcohol and/or drugs as a source for relief, if they are suffering from depression or learning disabilities.

Alcohol and/or drug consumption can only creates a bigger problem, and help is needed immediately. Fatigue, lack of interest, and behaviors that could lead to criminal prosecution, can also cause due to depression.

Many people that suffer depression are affected by common problems, such as financial debts, deaths in the family, and so on. They often have the incapability to cope with stressors, and often need support as a result.

Antidepressant Medications

Antidepressant medications, including Prozac is prescribed by the doctors to treat their patients. However, recent studies has proven that the many antidepressant medications used for treating depression and learning abilities have side affects that complicate the diagnose.

It is recently been discovered that depression may be linked to tendency for awareness after the fact, for immersion in the mind’s eye, a normal accompanying friend to the restraint, if not antisocial, depressive irritation.

But the depression and learning abilities patients often strive for attention. This is a complete contradiction of antisocial, since antisocial is a diagnosis where the patient refuses to associate in society.

Commonly depressive maniacs, or handicaps that include depression and learning abilities they often endeavor to find the answers to their suffering, however they neglect to see the answers when the answer is in front of them.

The mind is a tricky thing, and it is only denying the true problem, when someone tells someone that his or her emotions are not real. It is important to identify the problem, without endorsing a label on the patient.

Learning To Accept The Problem

When a person is labeled they are often sees as a label by counselors, and other individuals. Learning to accept your disability is the key to eliminate any problem. It has been proven that treatment will be successful, once you accept and recognize the problem.

The problem then is not essentially on the diagnose itself, rather it is on the many professionals, patients, and others that decline to accept that the problem exists. It is also important to examine the diagnosis closely and pay thorough attention to the symptoms, instead of examining the mind.

Gradually you can then work through the other problems, once you start dealing with each individual symptom separately. The problem many times is professionals want to turn to medication verses treating the patients with effective therapy.



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