10 Manic Depression Signs and Symptoms

Bipolar disorder is the term used to describe manic depression or manic depressive disorder, a type of mood disorder. The characteristic manic depression signs and symptoms are rapid cycling or manic episodes of very high spirits, energy, and along with depressive episodes; often both at the same time.

Genetics, environmental factors, life events, interpersonal relationships and physiological factors contribute to the development of this condition. The most common manic depression signs and symptoms, which may be seen in up to 1% of the general populace, are as listed below.


All the symptoms may not be seen in all manic depressive individuals; however, it is frequent and extreme mood swings that are commonly seen among those with bipolar disorder.

It is depressive and manic episodesoccurring either concurrently or successively that are characteristic of bipolar individuals.

1. Increased energy

Increased energy and a sudden rise in productivity or creativity for a certain period is one of the classic manic depression signs and symptoms.

2. Very high spirits (elation)

The person may be the life and soul of the party, keeping people charmed with their high energy and sparkling wit as well as daring behavior.

3. Loquaciousness

The person may talk a lot when they are having one of their manic episodes of very high energy, high spirits and elevated mood.

4. Inappropriate social behavior

It is this same life and soul of the party attitude that could spill over and become inappropriate social behavior. The person may become not only daring but outrageous behaviors.

5. Increased sexual desire

This one of the manic depression signs and symptoms is of a piece with the foregoing above. The person not only indulges in excessive or inappropriate social behavior but also is seen to be engaging in promiscuous, often dangerous activities.

6. Irritability

As the manic depressive individual is seen to be in excessively high spirits, so can they have episodes of extreme irritability and even depression.

7. Less need for sleep

During a manic episode, the person may typically need less sleep. Some may sleep as little as three to four hours a night while some may go without sleep altogether.

8. Impaired judgment

Poor concentration and easy distraction are among the symptoms of bipolar disorder. The person may go on spending sprees, indulge in substance abuse and behave in an abnormal fashion.

9. Rapid thoughts

The person’s thoughts flit rapidly from one to another.

10. Illusions of grandeur

Bipolar individuals often feel that they have a special mission in life or that they are the chosen one in a sense. This is why manic depression signs and symptoms could include illusions of grandeur.



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