Managing Depression with Your Will Power

DepressionWill power gives you the ability to stay determined to survive. The will provides us choices, desires, wishes, preferences, bids, and commands as well as wants.

The will of people is our resolve methods in strengthening our character.

At what time you have will; you have motivation and a spirit, which can force you to take action when times are hard.

Will promotes our self-control along with hope, which comes from prayer.

You need will, since it can help you pull out of your negative state of mind if you are suffering depression. We can do this together as a team. I will be right by your side to make sure you are safe from all harms.


Prayer can work wonders to help you find your will to survive when you feel down and out. Prayer is pleads for help and support to find a way out of a situation or condition.

Prayer enables us to call upon a Heavenly Body who can help us to fill urges and requests, which stems from our human needs.


Thus, meditation is another helpful source in finding recovery, since to meditate you pray. Sit in a comfortable position in the floor or on your bed.

Sit with the legs folded, crossed over, thus Indian style. Place your palms upward on your knees and close your eyes. For a moment, devoid you mind of all thoughts.

Experience the feelings and sensations in your body once you clear the mind. You may notice tension starting to develop, or else, you may notice tension leaving.

Focus on your stomach and feel the expansions of your breathing. Allow room for relaxation.

Now, think depression.

Think about depression. Consider how depression affects your body and mind. Deliberate through the process while seeking ideas that can help you to relate to your symptoms. Why are you sad? Is there a solution to make you feel joy?


Now, contemplate on the questions to seek new answers. Next, use reflections to conjure mirrored images in your mind. Picture you standing in a beautiful garden.

Acknowledge the surroundings, while smelling, listening for sounds, hearing, and tasting the fresh air. Now, tell you, that in the garden there are no dangers.

You are safe. You have permission to explore the cavities of the grounds to seek out indicators, signs, or manifestations that cause your depressive symptoms to arouse.

Express what you find.

While exploring for suggestions and expressions yell, scream, shout, cuss, and cry, etc, that will give you evidence to define your depression.

Move to ruminate, your mind. In other words, carry on using reflections, while prompting your cogitations (thoughts) to explore by musing over the discoveries. Do not feel afraid of your discoveries; rather view them as indicators to help you find reasons behind your symptoms of depression.

Setting UP Goals

Next, we are going to set a goal for you to follow, succeeding a plan.

Goal: Depends on the severity of your depression: Each week I want you to meditate and pray at least 5 times per week.

Plan: The plan is to help you manage and conquer your depression.

The more you practice in meditation the more you will start to feel relaxed. Thus, the action is great for sparking will to continue your journey in life. Remember, when life gets you down on the other side of the world is suffering worse than you are.

Thus, don’t be under the impression that you are alone. Additionally, somewhere in the world someone can relate to you, understand you, and accept you in life. Thus, never think no one cares.



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