Managing Depression Through Writing

When you fell depressed, you could run around the block, ride your bike, or dance to music. On the other hand, you could eat something you had not eaten before. You could also pick up pen and paper and write, or else type on your computer.

More than five million Americans are affected with depression. The disease of the mind or physical illness is causing millions to feel down and out. Depression causes a person to feel blue, depressed, sad, and emotional unprepared to do anything in life.

Some of the causes include

  • Loss
  • Change
  • Financial burdens
  • Newborns
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Environment
  • Unruly kids and so forth

Many things make you fell depressed. Yet, most things in life that bring us down are livable, yet it takes us to see a way out of the circumstances. When life gets you down you have to pull out your thinking cap and go to work. Once you get started, you will soon discover new ideas that will bring you relief.

When you have the blues, writing can help. In fact, out of all the therapeutic solutions in the world, writing is the top of the list, thus being the best remedy in treating all sorts of problems, including depression.

Writing is the process of expression feelings, which link to emotions and emotional response. Thus, to help you see how it works we can consider a few possibilities.


I am tired of feeling depressed.


I never seem to come out of the blues.

Recovery plan:

Affirmation through paraphrasing:

How it works:

  • Write down what you confirm to be true.
  • Next, write down an assertion you feel you can achieve. Make it a pronouncement. Affirmation that you will accomplish conquering your depression then announce to your friends and family that you intend to manage your depression. Now write a statement that clarifies that you will search your mind to find solutions in managing depression.
  • Next, use verification while corroborating you ideas, and finding proof of your facts to manage your depression. Remove any contradictions by finding and writing new ideas.
  • Next, paraphrase or summarize your ideas. Write them down by rephrasing your ideas and findings. Reword areas that are confusing while interpreting the meaning of your ideas that could help you manage and conquer depression. Translate your writing to find meaning and purpose. Restate your purpose and meaning.

You might have seen people who use the same words in a sentence that means the same thing. This tells us that the write has no clue about paraphrasing, restating, or reciting to make points, which brings a better understanding.

Sometimes you have to reword details to interpret its meaning. Once you find meaning, it will lead you to purpose, which makes it easier for you to see how you can escape your depression.

Most people cannot find their meaning or purpose, simply because they do not fully comprehend definitions behind the simple words that can help them uncover hidden truths.

You may need medications if you have to help you recover, severe symptoms of depression. We encourage you to read more into depression to understand its meaning, while making it your purpose to understand and accept your illness. Thus, grow and learning can help you manage and conquering depression.



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