Managing Depression – Know What You Deserve

Managing DepressionDo we know what we deserve? Do you really understand that all people deserve in life something that helps them to survive? There are so many things that we believe without even bothering to question their standing on whether they are right or wrong.

How many of us have ever realized that this could also cause depression.

Knowing what is right and what is wrong could help you save yourself from the clutches of depression in a big way.

Many people believe that one who puts his own self-first is a selfish person. Well it is not true, after all charity begins at home. One must keep himself happy before going out and spreading happiness outside.

Most of the people believe that their words are not acceptable to most of the people and so they become silent spectators while suffering at the hands of depression. Nevertheless, we must not fall into this trap and should raise our voice against what we dislike and what for what we desire

Our Rights

We have all the basic rights to freedom of speech and expression and must express our pain, feelings, and emotions freely. Speaking aloud, our feelings, is not an offence but hiding them and punishing yourself is.


Assumptions are made when answers to the problem is not available. There are not many valid reasons as to why you may get cramps while playing tennis or to why you get headaches or pains. On most of the occasions, even the doctors find it difficult to find out the exact reason for such aches.

Nevertheless, that does mean that you are lying, instead the pain is, caused due to some other reason, which must be, explored via conversing. After all no one has the right to call you names and you had all the rights on the earth to bid goodbye to a person who treats you wrong.


We often find that so many people think that questioning the intentions and actions of people around us is wrong. However, the fact is that they are simply lying about it. We all have the rights to ask for suitable treatment from people around us.

We are the best judge for our actions. People have no right to force their will on you. You must not let people’s assumption be, forced on you because these are more often than not fallacious ideologies.

Learn From Our Mistakes

You might be wrong about certain things that you say but at the end of the day, we all must understand that we all are humans. Humans are not faultless and learn only from their mistakes.

Those people who think that one could be rational and faultless at all times is not, associated with the real world. After all, as humans, we are, expected to perform at our level best, which can obviously vary from time to time and with circumstances.

Our seniors at home and workplaces tell us to, quietly follow what they say because they have more experience than we do. However, this is not right because while your superiors might be tackling a problem in their own way, you might be able to bring up an even more creative idea to tackle the specific issue.

Thus, speak out your mind if you believe you are speaking the truth and passing on the correct information. This helps you from creating a useless storeroom of thoughts in your mind.

Your rights also include telling people what you expect of them and tell them on what they have delivered. Most of the people do not even know what they really deserve from their lives. Moreover, whether you may want to believe, but it is one of the major cause’s depressions in today’s world.



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