Is It The Blues Or Is It Depression?

depression1When you’re feeling sad, you may wonder if you just have “the blues,” or if you are suffering from depression. How can you tell the difference?

The most basic distinction is that depression is a clinical diagnosis of a potentially life-threatening disease.

The blues is a milder state, one that is more transitory and often more of a feeling than a diagnosis.

You should be aware; however, that there is a form of depression called Dysthymia that is a type of chronic depression and sadness.

Dysthymia is sometimes called the “Eeyore disease”. Patients with Dysthymia may experience periods of sadness lasting several years, and they occasionally develop clinical depression.

If you have been feeling sad or blue for several months and you don’t seem to be able to lift yourself out of your bad mood, it is time for a visit to your health care provider.

Several physical illnesses should be ruled out. After that, it may be time for a mental health evaluation. There are many medications available today that can help lift depression, including some that have a mood brightening effect that are particularly helpful for patients with Dysthymia.



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