Tips to Handle a Stressed Spouse

Depression is very agonizing to cope with when it affects you. However, you tend to feel more helpless and affected with the consequences when your loved ones are going through a depressed phase.

When faced with depression, it complicates the relationship and you find yourself victimized due to frequent misunderstandings, your partner’s intolerance to petty issues, which emerge as passive outbursts to the prolonged depression the person must be suffering from.

This article seeks to convince you that there are several ways to overcome spouse depression and regain a healthy and happy married life.

tips to handle a stressed spouse

How to Handle your Depressed Partner

Given below are some guidelines which can enlighten you upon the ways to deal with spouse depression and offer your loved one a helping hand in getting over it and face the situation.

Take a Light Approach

You may have encountered some uncharacteristic behavior of your spouse, such as, loss of interest in friends, hobbies or sexual contact, irritability, abnormal sleeping or eating habits, frequent fatigue, incoherent or atypical conversation, lack of concentration etc. Ask them the cause, patiently; emphasizing on the need to know about it. Also, take care when you are broaching the subject that may be the cause of your partner’s depression.

Encourage to Seek Help

Do not compel them to seek help from experts. Make them understand and persuade them to consult a psychiatrist or counselor at their own free will. Ask them if they desire your moral support and evaluate their reactions.

Conversations Help

Talk to your partner as much as you can. An engaged dialogue would help them to open up to you about their problem, thus, enabling to seek solutions together. Avoid making judgmental statements and concentrate more on listening to them.

Give them Hope

Let your partner know how much you are concerned about them and their importance in your life. Encourage them to do what they cherish the most to facilitate relaxation. Provide them with hope that whatever the cause of their depression be, they would surely surpass it with time.

Plan for Vacations

Change in environment can contribute to their mental relaxation, which is needed at the point of time. However, don’t include people they are not very acquainted with as it might be stressful for them to feign to be happy before those people.

A Happy Sex Life Helps

Depression weakens your sense of pleasure, which includes sex. Low or no sex drives accompanies depression. Don’t be embarrassed. Try taking advices from physician to alleviate the situations.

Recognize the Threats

If your spouse hints about suicide, take it seriously. Before it’s too late, take help from professionals to handle the critical situation.

While you are endeavoring to reduce your partner’s stress you might be taking it up on yourself. Maintaining your own mental peace is of utmost importance in such situations.

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