Fight Depression Without Medication

Depression can be a very crippling mental illness and it affects so many of us, irrespective of gender, country or age. It is difficult to identify because some people just think they are sad and it is phase that will pass.

But depression if not treated in time can become very dangerous and it can result in self-destructive behavior or activities which can be harmful to the person and those around him.

It can make you lose motivation to do anything and make you avoid social situations. Hence one must get help from a professional who will prescribe him medicines, suggest counseling and in some cases both.

Although pills help to gain control over our emotions, they can have some side effects. In some cases pills are not necessary and people can handle depression by only making some changes in their lifestyle and way of thinking. Here a few tips on how you can fight depression without medication:



The worst thing one can do if he depressed is to not do anything. Depression makes you lose interest in most things and as a result of your inactivity you spend more time alone doing nothing and this makes your condition worse. Keep yourself busy in numerous activities, recreation, work or exercise, which will break the cycle of fatigue.


If you are creative person, you can use your skill to create a piece of art, draw, paint, dance, sing, write, sculpt, cook or you can also learn how to do it. When we create something it can be therapeutic because it gives us hope and a feeling of accomplishment and so use your creativity to divert your mind from something unpleasant.


Our physical and psychological state is interconnected and what we eat can also influence our state of mind. Avoid foods that excite you like coffee or chocolates and any food which contain too much caffeine, sugar, fats because they make you feel temporarily satisfied and once that feeling dissipates, you again start feeling less energetic. Eat healthy and simple snacks.


It is very important to change your lifestyle because none of the techniques will be helpful if you do not have a lifestyle where you can apply them. Make yourself disciplined and follow a strict routine of healthy diet, exercise, socializing, following a hobby and soon it will become a part of your natural life.


Read inspirational stories of survivors of depression to make you feel more motivated.



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