Escapism – What and How to Deal?

When you try to avoid something – the act can be said as ‘escapism’. It can come in different forms as you try to seek for alternatives like playing or sleeping. Some also drown themselves in work or other destructive addictions like smoking, drinking, emotional eating (bingeing), gambling or even drugs.

Life is a very complex phenomenon and its very difficult to say that on which point of time you would need to escape something – but the moment does arrive for everyone sometime or the other. Associated emotions while you try to escape anything are uprising of hidden fears, pains, and deepest sorrows from the past and related disappointments.


How to Deal with Escapism?

The commonest way of dealing escapism is by engaging self into some form of entertainment, or living in an imaginative world to get the innate feeling of safety. There are various stages of escapism, starting from accepting it as a rejuvenation technique or just getting obsessed with it. Here are some ways to deal with escapism and embrace the reality. These may be short-term techniques, but are sure to help in long run –

Start Meditating

This is probably the best way to heal your inner wounds; meditation works wonders. Initially, you will not be able to concentrate for more than 10 minutes and slowly you can increase the time till 1 hour. The thoughts coming in will be disturbing, the ones you want to escape but do not flee from them; think about those moments and events as much as possible just to feel the positive outcome. Take deep breaths and watch your breath. Only after 2 days you will realise you much this will calm your mind and the painful thoughts no longer give you pain.

Question yourself

You will get back the thoughts that hurt you but you need to observe your thoughts and see that it will slowly pass by. Don’t judge or fight with your thoughts just start questioning yourself. Cherish the positive ones but question your negative thoughts. Once you pay attention to one thought it will slowly fade away and new ones will be replaced in your mind. This flow is very essential to bring you at peace.

Love and Accept Yourself

fantasy world is undoubtedly more beautiful and comforting, where no one judges you and you can live your own life. However, while dealing with escapism the next step is to come back to the real world from your world of fantasies. Accept your flaws and believe that they were for the good that you got a lesson and would never get hurt again.

Love yourself and rectify your negative traits; it’s okay to be imperfect and it is very much humane too! However, it’s not right to get stuck in the failure and don’t be harsh with yourself. You need to heal yourself and you can only do it the best. Both forgiveness and acceptance should be practised harmoniously.

Don’t Pretend

If you can be natural and accept the change – you are sure to be the winner. The more you pretend the more you stay away from reality and you are actually moving backwards. Accept the change in your life and find the positive ways it has affected you. Bring on the faith in life and let it unfold the next set of events. Every cloud has a silver lining, thus you need to come out of pretension and see the cloud to find the silver lining.

Here are Some Handy Tips to get away from Escapism

  • Stay away from the electronic world; make real friends who would keep you happy in a constructive way.
  • Pamper yourself with everything you love to do and make sure you enjoy while doing them. Wade off the disturbing thoughts for those moments.
  • Practice gratitude, this will give you inner peace and also enhance the power of loving everyone.
  • Talk Therapy is a very effective method to treat escapism. Talk to reliable people who are empathetic and will listen to you keenly, like your parents, siblings or a very dear friend.


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