Desires in How to Manage and Conquer Depression

DepressionDesire can lead a person to misery. When a person feels unfilled, it can result in yearning, or burning desires, which include cravings.

When a person feels grieved it brings them intense experiences of sorrow, which prompts deep sadness.

Often a loss, such as death of a friend or family member results in such feelings.

Some people move ahead fairly, quickly after a loved one dies, while others hold the grief inside for years.


Death is a fear that sparks the emotions, which puts images in the mind. The images of personifications usually represent destruction and/or extinction.

Death however could be a positive act. Death brings forth peace, which puts elements together.

A person rests forever, when he goes to the grave. Since faulty misbelieves arrive, which involve the soul going to purgatory, hell, or heaven once the person dies has interrupted and caused depression for many.

The truth is the bible tells us that when a person dies he rests in his grave until the final judgment where resurrection takes place.

At this point the person either is, delivered to a paradise land, or else to the second death, which means no more.

Religions mislead people often. Some religions strive to make the truth known, while others strive to lie, in order to bring in profit. Therefore, think of your dead loved one in a safe resting haven.

Refining About Things You Can And Cannot Change

Some things in life we have control over, while some things we do not have control. Refining, your mind to recognize the things you cannot change, and move to alter the things you can change, is advantageous in promoting healthy minds.

Death is a desire in a sense. Since we all strive to live, thus our desire to, live affect the emotions once death occurs. This is a threat to the emotions, which produces emotional response or reactions. Refining your mind to think positive can help you enhance your mental status.

Positive Thinking

You work to understand, accept, and learn the facts when you refine the mind to think positive. Before someone tells me anything, they had better have supporting evidence to back their claims, otherwise, their theories, guesses, opinions and claims all go in the garbage can. In other words, searching for the truth can help you manage depression.


I tend to train my mind to take initiative, in instructing new ideas to come to the front. Now matter how much I resent the memories presenting self to me, I am willing to make an installment to, officially welcome the memories as a challenge for me to overcome my depression. Now move to affirm: I am a winning in this battle of wits, and my emotions will not take hold of my life. I will fulfill my healthy desire to live.

Remember one thing that, the society, the law, governments, criminal justice, religions, and the like play parts in our lives, which are influences.

These people have proven wrong many times down through the centuries, thus when seeking facts, even if the person has authority, make them prove it beyond a doubt.


What you build up when enforcing your qualities, is convictions. Convictions are power that endorses truth. Not a single human being can empower you, as convictions will once you develop those convictions.

Now you can move to compel your mind. Once you compel the mind, you will learn to force new ideas into the mind, rather than allowing the emotions take, charge.

Compelling is the process of inducing new ideas, thoughts, information, knowledge, wisdom, and the like into your mind while refining old ideas. We can practice a quickie together to see where compelling the mind can take you.



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