Depression Treatment – Writing

DepressionDepression is a state of mind, which acts on response from emotional charge.

Life’s pressures, such as family problems, financial burden, death, incorrigible children, health issues, undeveloped humane qualities, influences, and the like, weigh down the emotions sometimes.

When the emotions are burdened, it sends sparks to the emotional responders, which we call triggers.

Triggers include fear, rejections, threats, abuse, and the like. For example, she stepped out in the road without noticing the car coming in her direction and felt fear.

Depression stems from many issues, which includes:

  • Chemical imbalances
  • Health issues
  • Malnutrition
  • Deficiencies
  • Mental status

Depression has targeted and hit millions of people worldwide, and the numbers are soaring higher each day. Most of the problems causing depression can range from inadequate management of life, to misinterpreted beliefs.

How we perceive can factor into our state of mind, which can lead to depression. For instance, she stepped in the roadway, thus spotting the car and while her stress level rose, she quickly moved herself out of harms way. This is good respond to stress.

In order to find answers to our problems, sometimes we have to go inside self. We can rely on information and influences to a degree but it takes you to pull up your inner being to find what you need.


Writing is a way to help you discover you, while helping you to manage depression. Actually, writing is the number one therapeutic tactic that has helped thousands of people recovers from nearly any type of suffering.

Once you start writing, state your strengths. In other words, write down your characteristics that make you strong. Few of our strengths could include intelligence, creative, persistence, enduring, and the like.

Next, you can write down qualities about you that you admire. For example, I did a good job, since I did the best I could. I successfully raised two boys on my own. Do not worry about writing errors, such as grammar, spelling and so on, since it can hinder your writing process.

Now you can write down your accomplishments and success in life. What were your successes? What have you accomplished in life? I know you did something wonderful somewhere in your history.

Now write it down. Did you graduate? This is an accomplishment, achievement, and success rolled into one. Did you rear children and teach them as a parent?

Moving on, write down that you will reward self for all your achievements, accomplishments, and successes. For example, tomorrow I will invite a dear friend over to have dinner with me. I will pamper myself with a relaxing bath tonight for what I have done in my life. I deserve it.

Professional Help

You may require professional help outside of writing. Counselors, therapeutic strategies, and medicines are available to help you manage depression. To help you learn to manage your depression when counselors are not with you, together we can set a weekly schedule for you to follow.


Goal: to manage and conquer depression:

Plan: each day I want you to take time out for you. Meditate while allowing your body and mind to relax. Write down what you learn. Write down your thoughts, feelings, and ideas each day.

Once each week watch a comedy with the goal in mind to enjoy the movie. Once each week invite friends or family members over to celebrate your recovery procedure.

Tell your self that you will ask for help and support from friends, family, or someone close to you when you feel overwhelmed. Each week express your emotions, feelings, and thoughts.



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