Depression Treatment Through Reliving Memories

DepressionSometimes to sort through the details to find resolves we have to relive crud in our minds.

Sometimes reliving experiences in our past can cause surmounting levels of stress.

The overwhelming stress could result in sadness, grieve, or depression.

Some memories can weigh heavy on the mind, which could lead to depression.

What needs to happen is the person to find willingness to determine those memories, relive the memories, and find a way to resolve the memories through new idea invention.

Thus, let’s consider a few possibly case scenarios that could possibly lead to recovery.

We will cause this therapy the battle of wits.

Case 1

I received a phone call that my mother past on, which occurred from a fatal accident.

Review: Something happened that caused my mother’s death, and I had no warning. I am mad as hell.

Preview: Who are you mad at? Explore your mind to see where you anger is coming from and what you can do with it.

Ideas: My mother did something careless that caused her to die. My mother life was, taken due to faults of the world. Who is to blame? I blame everyone involved because my mother wouldn’t had died if someone had of taken more caution.

The fact is accidents do happen and no one is truly to blame. Sure, carelessness could be responsible, however what could you learn from the irresponsibility?

Resolve: I realize that life poses risks, and those risks do not exclude a single person. While my mother is dead, I am still alive, and I must carry on, since my mother would feel completely depressed and sad knowing, I am still grieving over her loss. I love my mother, but she is gone. I am ready to face reality.

Affirmations: I will move on in my life, learn from the loss, and take action to make sure it does not happen to someone else, including me. I will survive this depressive state of mind. I have successively relived my memories, and I am a survivor who will find a way to cope with stress, while I work to reduce the stressors in my life. I am a survivor.

Case 2

Possible Memory – About five years ago a friend or loved one died.

At the time, you probably felt sorrow, which is common. The sorrow may had lasted for days, and left your mind. Somewhere down the road, you start feeling sad and grief again.

What happened?

Sometimes we cling to memories that we believe at one time we had put out of our mind. Later we realize that we only stored the memories on a shelf to grieve over later in life.

What can we do?

My mother died in 2002, which is around four years ago. At times, I pull the memory of my mind’s shelf and grief over her loss again. I feel depressed.

Review: in 2002, my mother died and left me standing in the world to fight all alone.

Preview: I see in this last sentence that I am blaming my mother. She left me alone in the world.

Ideas: My mother had no control over her death, no more so than what control I had. Death is a reality, which I must relate to and it is no ones fault.

Affirmation: I will let the memory go, since I realize my mother is in a better place than I am now. I will let go and I will live without feel depressed again over something I had no control over. My mother is not to blame.



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