Tips to Deal with Depression after Retirement

Most of the people who advances towards the age of 60, builds an apprehensive idea about retirement. Although you might be yearning for retirement to fulfill all your unfulfilled dreams, you will still be reluctant to handle the bites of depression.

Before retiring, you might have thought that it a will be a vacation time after retirement and you will have a huge amount of money to pay off all your mortgages and spend a relaxed life. The reality is far away from your expectations. Generally it has been observed that people feel lost without any fixed schedule, job, and motive and not knowing what to do. This leads to anxiety and depression in most of the cases.

tip to deal with depression after retirement

 How to Deal with the Disappointment after Retirement? 

The few steps that can help you through this process of transition and help you to overcome the disappointment regarding some unfulfilled dreams after retirement are as follows:

Introduce a New Rhythm

Although you might feel that after a long tenure of working and following a strict timetable, you are free now – but the sudden lack of any schedule is ought to be disturbing. So to cope up, schedule your activities like exercise, house chores, visiting the bank and most importantly spending time with friends and getting involved in some social welfare activities.

Compartmentalize Your Worry

There is no limit to worry, but to come out of depression you need to compartmentalize your worries. Brooding over will not help you rather take productive step to solve the problems. If needed you can also opt for professional help and solve the issues strategically.

Be with Companion

If you did not have a social life while in job, it is high time that you make new ones. Social support is very important to have a healthy mental condition. You never know that you may meet other people who are going through the same. So help others to help yourself. Joining social media sites is a great way to find old companions from school and colleges.

Plan but do not Over Plan

Go slow with all your wish list. Do not exhaust yourself within the few months of retirements. Fulfill your dreams, but not at the cost of any other priorities. This may lead to guilt and lead you to more depression.

 Join Social Activities

Involve yourself in social activities by joining sports activities, hobby classes, gym, clubs, NGOs. Participate actively in community activities. Helping others will motivate you and also help to re-discover yourself and your talents. Writing for magazines as a freelancer is one of the best ventures you can attempt if you have the flair for writing. Be an initiator of different activities in your surroundings. It may be maintaining cleanliness or beautification of the locality. Your active effort may help others to remain active.

Enroll for Some Courses

Go back to your student life. Gathering knowledge and learning new things will help to cope with depression. You can also get enrolled for distance learning in the subjects you have always been keen but did not get time to explore earlier.

Keep on Working

Finding a new work where age is not a factor will boost your confidence. You can again find an area where you can show your potential. Take up job not just for financial reasons, but to remain engaged in something constructive.

It is always better to understand that retirement involves transition and may not always have a welcoming feeling, but moving ahead and feeling happy with what you have will give you and your surrounding the optimistic touch.


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