Depression Management – Testing Your Skills

Depression ManagementSkills too play an important role in managing depression.

Here is a test that will be increasing your stress levels a bit, but it will help you conclude if you can manage your depression.

Do not fret; since the test is not intended to challenge your mentality or intellect, rather it is a test to help you see that your human skills can help you manage depression.A sense of humor can always help in bringing you out of a mood.

The purpose of the test is to find your skills. Once you decide if you agree, or disagree, think about your answer.

Test: You can agree or disagree:

  • If a person puts in his mind that he can overcome sadness, he can do it. (Agree or Disagree)
  • If you make a mistake, you deserve to accept responsibility for your actions or behaviors. (Agree or Disagree)
  • I find it difficult to relax when discomforting circumstances present self. (Agree or Disagree)
  • I have control of my emotions and moods. (Agree or Disagree)
  • If people I know do not like me, it is not my problem. (Agree or Disagree)
  • Punishment is fear. (Agree or Disagree)
  • It is difficult for me to oppose other people’s opinions. (Agree or Disagree)
  • I feel anxious or stressed when small problems crop up (Agree or Disagree)
  • We are all slaves to life (Agree or Disagree)
  • I prefer others to make decisions for me (Agree or Disagree)
  • I stress over issues that have not occurred (Agree or Disagree)
  • I like authority influences to decide on my bigger problems (Agree or Disagree)


  • If you agreed to the first question, you are correct, since the power of the mind can help us move sadness from our minds.
  • If you agree to the second question, thus it is true. If you make a mistake, you are responsible. However, all of us make mistakes.
  • If you agreed to the third question, then you need to become familiar with your discomfort zones, thus working to find relaxation in discomfort, since it is a part of life.
  • If you disagreed with the fourth question, then you are doing ok since you do have control of your moods and emotions.
  • If you answered agree to the fifth question, then again you are right. The important thing is life is, liking yourself and not worrying about what other people think of you.
  • Fear is not punishment and punishment is not fear. Rather, if you are receiving harsh punishment, then it is fear. Otherwise, punishment is a tool to help you learn and grow.
  • If you find it difficult to disagree with other people’s opinion when they lack facts to support their claims, then you need to read articles on building leadership qualities.
  • Most problems are fixable, thus small problems should not be a worry, unless it presents potential risks or dangers.
  • If you agree that we are all slaves to society, thus you are correct, since all of us are slaves in some form or another. Check out what it means to be a slave.
  • If you prefer others to make decisions for you, then you need to read leadership qualities, and learn to cultivate your mind.
  • If you agree to the last question then quit making problems when no problems exist.


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