Depression, Helping Yourself Before Visiting A Doctor

brisk walkDepression seems to be a sign of the times we live in, with more people suffering from it across the globe.

There are many medicines that can be prescribed to alleviate depression, but before seeking medical intervention first try and see if you can help yourself.

Often there is no one there to ask how you are feeling, so you have no outlet and things can get bottled up inside.

By writing in a journal, it means that your feelings and thoughts are let out and will help you to understand possibly, what causes the unhappiness that you feel with your life.

Exercise in any form will be good for the mind, a brisk walk, yoga practice or a type of routine that you will enjoy could make a big difference to your mental well being. Do not force yourself to do something you do not like, this will have a very negative effect on your sense of self.

As you perform your chosen activity let your mind discharge all its worries and think things through ultimately clearing your head.Although it can be daunting at first, getting out and meeting people will be a big help.

Look out for groups or organizations that might interest you, if you like gardening join a club that meets regularly in the summer. Local papers often advertise these different social groups, detailing places and times where they meet in your area.

You can try and find an activity that will change your attitude and help bring you out of your dark place. Voluntary work, for example can be very rewarding and provide a great sense of self worth.



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