Depression Can Lead To Weak Minds

DepressionContrary to beliefs, depressed souls do not have weak minds. Rather, depression is depressive symptoms caused by chemical imbalances, behavior problems, lack of development, and emotions, which cause emotional reactions or response.

Depression however can make a person feel weak both mentally and physically.

Depression affects both the mind and body, thus tearing down confidence, self-esteem, and the like while making the person feel helpless.

For the most part faulty beliefs, inability to face memories hidden within the mind, and behaviors can set off depressive symptoms.

Depressive symptoms start to produce dramatic results once they accumulate, which in some instances leads to suicide.

Depression can increase suicidal thinking, as well as attempts. Most times the person is asking for help or seeking attention. Still, it is a threat.

Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts often stimulate the minds of the depressed souls. The negative could involve affirming to self, “I can’t do this.” This is not true, since you can do anything you put your mind to, and this is, proven throughout history.

Medications and therapy is sometimes necessary to minimize or eliminate negative energies, including negative thoughts when a person suffers depression.

One thing you want to keep in mind however at what time you start therapy, is that you have to have a willingness to get well.

This means you have to apply efforts also, in your therapeutic planning. To help you see how you can work alongside your counselor for healing we can consider.

Do Not Overload With Work

It is significant that you do not overload yourself with work. For example, do not work an eight or nine hour shift, come home and work until you pass out.

Rather take some time for self, including pampering self. On the other hand, do not procrastinate. If you have responsibilities and/or duties, do it now and rest when you finish.

Visit your family, friends, or hang out with a group of people that makes you feel comfortable when you feel lonely and negative thoughts creep in.

If you have friends or family members that care for you, possibly they will listen, while you express your emotions and thoughts. You need a confident.

Depression Endorses Secrecy

Contrary to beliefs, some people believe that depression endorses secrecy. The fact is, most people suffering depression are not secretive, unless they consume alcohol, or drugs.

Most times, the depressed minds will isolate self, since they are struggling and believe that people do not want them around.

Thus, isolation differs from secrecy, which secrecy is often an indicator of drug addictions, psychosis, alcoholism, sociopath, schizophrenia, psychopathic, Borderline Personality Disorder-BPD, hedonistic, anti-social personality types, and so forth.

Contrary to beliefs, not all people with mental illness are secretive. Remember one thing that nosy people or many societies engage in minding everyone’s business outside of their own, thus the term secrecy is under-defined.


Furthermore, patients in therapy for depression can benefit by walking. The fresh air will lift your moods. Communication, walking, and fresh air combined can help you manage your depression. You must also add entertainment and activities to your daily plans.

You will continue to feel depressed if you do not take time out to enjoy life. Depressed souls should take breaks between work, play, and responsibility, since breaks promote good health.

Now let’s practice:

  • Self-talk: each day I want you to say, “I feel good. Life is good. People love me.”
  • Role-play: Practice with a pretense friend daily. Picture the friend sitting across from you telling you what he or she admires about you.


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