Depression And Denial

Denial amazing can increase many problems, including depression. A person refuses to see the realism of conditions, or circumstances, when he or she is in denial.

Denial leads to contradictions, which challenges the mind, since if you refuse to see the truth, thus deceit step inside. To help you see through denial, let us consider a few definitions that can help you relate to where denial can take you.

  • Denial equals rejection, which leads to negative response.
  • Denial equals disagreement, which leads to conflict.
  • Denial equals denunciation, which leads to condemnation, criticism, accusing, reproof, and scolding.
  • Denial equals to defiance, which leads to rebelliousness.
  • Denial equals refusal, which promotes negative response.

If you continue with the counterpart definitions of denial, soon you will see where many depressive symptoms creep into the mind.

Depression is an illness of the mind, which sometimes is, affected by our environment, thoughts, and even our body. When the mind is in denial, it could lead you to believe there is no way out of your condition or circumstances. This is incorrect. There is always a way out of troubles.

Understanding Depression

You find a way out of your problems by understanding depression. It is true, which has proven through trial and error that problems are solvable no matter how big the problems are, and relating, finding understanding, and acceptance are the keys to manage and conquer any situation, including depression.


Sometimes however you require expert support. For example, bipolar manias often suffer symptoms of depression. Medicines may be helpful in restoring the chemicals off balance, including serotonin.

However, bear in mind that many antidepressants is causing more harm than good. Thus, before agreeing to take the prescription, learn about the various antidepressants designed for depression treatment.

Doctors may get upset if you question their decision, but let them know that some medications have caused harm, which includes death. Let him or her know that you are only taking precautions to find management to defeat depression. Discussing the types of medicines as well as the therapeutic strategies with your doctor is advisable.

Natural Remedies

Various types of natural remedies are available to help you manage symptoms of depression. Kava-Kava, Melatonin, 5-HTP, as well as other natural remedies can help you find a way to manage your depression. Still, you want to learn the truths and face reality while eliminating denial to find recovery.

There are things you can do at home that will not cost you a dime, if you are suffering, mild cases of depression. For example, writing is a perfect tactic in healing the mind, while minimizing depressive symptoms.

Role Play

Role-play is helpful in treating depression. Role-play is fantasy, pretense, play-acting, imagining, stories, and games alike, which brings you to reality. What happens is you sit in a quiet area while visualizing self with fictional friends in a room. The goal is to self-talk through problems by putting self outside of your real life problems.

For example, Mary said, Janis you are wonderful. On the other hand, Janis your anger shows when Tom leaves you alone. We see unfulfilled hearts in this pictures as well as a fear of abandonment. We now can work to find the cause of the problem.

Self Talk

Self-talk does wonders for the mind. Forget the noise you heard through history that talking to self makes you crazy. Furthermore, forget the noise you heard that talking and answering your self is crazy, since it is not, rather it is a therapeutic treatment.

In fact, self-talk can help you find answers to your questions. In other words, it opens the mind to new ideas and possibilities, which can help you, see a way out of your problems.



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