5 Top Myths Associated with Depression Along with Real Facts

Depression or clinical depression is a common mental disorder which makes a person feel hopeless, sad, sick and worthless.  Most of the times, the person may feel sad due to no reason whatsoever and this can affect the daily life and social wellbeing.  If left untreated, depression can turn into something very serious.  Often, people have many myths and misunderstandings related to depression.  We have explored some of the common myths related to clinical depression and have also discussed the real facts. Take a look:

depression along with real facts

1. If one has Depression, he/she can simple wash the thought off. But if he/she doesn’t, then he is weak

This is the most common myth related to depression.  You cannot simple wash off the thought of being depressed since it is a disorder caused due to chemical imbalances in the brain.  Medical attention is often needed to get rid of this problem.

2. Depression is not a Medical Condition

A lot of people think that depression is not even a medical condition and is just a mood swing which one might experience. In reality though, depression is considered to be a medical condition by practitioners and can even affect the health of a person.

3. Depression will go away and is not Something to Worry about

Another common myth which people often have about depression is that it always goes away in some time or a few days and is not something which one must worry about.  This is true but only in a few cases.  In actuality, depression has a strong chance or reoccurrence and may not go for months and even years, if left untreated.  Clinical depression can even be fatal and is something which must worry the patient and his family.

4. Women are the only ones to Face Depression

Women are actually not the only ones who might experience depression. Many men too are affected by this disorder due to many reasons. But yes, it is true that women tend to experience depression more than men do and in more number of cases.

5. Depression is Somewhat Similar to Self-Pity

In some cases depression may be similar to self-pity but this is mostly not the case. This can be considered true because some of the most famous and well accomplished persons have faced depression and some of them are Stephen Hawking, Napoleon, and Florence Nightingale etc.


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