Depressed? Try These Techniques To Help You Feel Better And Happier

anxietyMillions of people in this world suffer from depression. And the majority of those people are prescribed a medication for their depression and anxiety whether it is Prozac, Paxil, Wellbutrin or many of the hundreds of other anti-anxiety and anti depressant medications. Some people feel we really are becoming an over medicated society.

Do you have symptoms of depression? Are you experiencing sleep and weight variations or a loss of interest in things and activities you used to enjoy?

Are you not comfortable with the idea of being medicated for something you feel you should be able to control without medication? We have some techniques for you to try that will hopefully help with your depression.

Even though it may seem tough to get out of bed or out of your house it is important to either develop interests or activities or to continue ones that you used to enjoy. The best recommendation would be to choose an activity that has an ending point or a final product this will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Either develop new relationships or nurture your current relationships. Do not shut people out.



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