Depressed? Get Help

Depression is a very real condition, potentially dangerous and not one to be brushed aside or under the carpet. It has now been seen in a long-running Framingham Heart Study, that depression actually doubles your risk of dementia.

depressed womanWhile the link between depression and dementia had been known to exist for a while, it was unclear which caused the other.

Now this recent study has been able to establish that it is depression that raises one’s risk of developing dementia later in life.

Those subjects of the study who were diagnosed as being depressed, were seen to experience an almost 50% increase in their risk of having dementia when compared with others who were not depressed.

Dementia and its many types, such as Alzheimer’s Disease is the sort of mental impairment and deterioration that anyone would seek to avoid in their later years. To that end it is important to identify risk factors that increase one’s chances of developing it.

Identifying depression as one of the risk factors for developing dementia later in life is a timely reminder to us that depression can be dangerous and debilitating and a condition that merits attention and treatment in any manner possible.

Meanwhile what you can do for yourself to keep both depression and dementia at bay is to improve your diet, sleep well, and keep yourself socially engaged.



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