Depressed? Don’t Be Ashamed To Ask For Help

Did you know that a massive one in 20 Americans above the age of 12 years suffers depression, which is a mental illness? Out of this number, less than 30% seek help and this untreated condition leads to a number of different problems, suffering, disability and lowered life quality. It can negatively impact your social, personal and professional relationships.

The reason that such an overwhelming majority of people seem not to seeking any help is an old one: even in these enlightened times, there is still stigma attached to seeking help for mental problems. There is that shame and a reluctance to see the fact that help is needed!

depressedIt is difficult for a person to admit that there is a mental problem particularly when they are perceived to have it all: good looks, good friends, caring family.

For such a person to admit that help is required is even more difficult, because obviously there is little or no sympathy forthcoming.

The fact however is that anyone can need help. There could be several hurtful situations, life altering events or other problems that put a person in situation where they need help.

On the other hand some people just have a genetic predisposition to depression. There is no shame in admitting this. The manifestations of this need for help may be all around: panic attacks, eating disorders, cutting, and even suicide attempts.

If you need help, admit it. There is no shame in it; and you have nothing to lose but your depression!

Source: Press citizen



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