Creativity And Depression

depressionsMost experts state that there is a close link between creativity and depression; you can take any of the many examples from history, like Van Gogh for instance.

He was a creative individual, who was prone to developing intense bouts of depression and suicidal tendencies.

In fact, it is said that a high number of artists today, several more than could be mere chance, meet the diagnostic criteria that indicate manic-depression and other mood disorders.

Some of the famous creative and artistic personalities who have declared publicly that they are either bipolar or unipolar are Sheryl Crow, Francis Ford Cuppola, Patty Duke, Connie Francis, and Dolly Parton.

It works the other way around as well; mood disorders like depression have a deep impact on a person’s creativity.

Statistics show that about one percent of the general population in America suffer from manic-depression, or what is known as bipolar disorder and other similar mood disorders, with another five percent suffering from major depression at one time or the other during their lifetimes.

Research of more creative and talented people showed greater levels of emotional excitability and intellectual capacities, and according to one expert, these heightened levels of intellect may be mistaken for symptoms of depression.

If you are looking to overcome your depression, here are some tips for you:

Talk to someone; anyone, even if you do feel like curling up into a shell and never ever coming out of it. This is the time when you need people around you, and if you could speak to anyone, you would feel like a great burden has been lifted off your chest, because bottling up your feelings will lead them to fester and lead to more problems.

Make a plan for exercising and dieting, everyday. Even if you cannot really join an aerobics class or yoga class, try to make it a point to go for a brisk thirty minute walk everyday.

The fresh air and contact with the outside world will give your sagging spirits a great boost, and who knows, perhaps inspire new creative ideas in you as well.

Eat a well balanced healthy diet; at times, diet deficiencies may lead to depression. Keep off the fatty foods and the salt laden crisps. Instead, opt for greens and fresh vegetables.

Everyday, make it a point to do something, anything, that you enjoy doing. I know most of us tend to rush about the entire day, doing things for others, but how many of us actually take some time off just for ourselves?

Go out, eat an ice cream, or meet a friend, or browse around the new bookshop around the corner: anything that you enjoy, and that you feel will give a boost to your flagging spirits.

Don’t simply assume that since most creative people are depressed, you too can be a depressed person. Think positive, be positive: this is what will help you in the long run.



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