Causes Of Depression – Reactions

When you feel sad, or blue it is ok to tell self that you feel sad or blue. However, it can only lead to additional problems, if you let the feeling to linger.

Reactions are emotional responses, which affects the intellectual part of the brain, which includes arousal. The active responses include action taken to respond to feelings, circumstances, and so forth.

The physical responses take effect when cold, heat, or pollutions of the mind stick.

The bodily responses act to substances or chemicals, i.e. allergies, or depression can occur when some things poses treat to the body, such as medications, infections, foods, and the like,.

Reactions are forces that act out emotionally or physically. The strong conservatisms oppose, speak, and express beliefs. Some of the beliefs are liberal, while others are progressive. Still, some are religious based.

Depression has many components and counterparts, i.e. the symptoms vary. It could lead to depression, when you feel sad. Therefore, you must take action to work against negative reactions to manage depression. Let us do this together.

  • Sad: I feel sad. Reaction: emotional: My sadness makes me feel unhappy, grieved, and sorrow. Statement: Sad is an upside down version of happy. Happy makes me feel pleasure, while showing contentment, joy, and pleasure. I feel happy. Affirm: I am happy.
  • Emptiness: Emptiness is worthlessness. I have already confirmed that I have meaning in life, thus my emptiness is just a state of mind. Affirm: I am worth the mile to walk in recovering from my depression.
  • Worthlessness: I feel worthless. Emotional reaction: Act: Worthless means I have no value. Worthless makes me feel incompetent, which means I am good for nothing. Worthlessness means I am unattractive and do not have qualities admirable to others. This is a lie. Statement: Worthlessness upside down is worth. I am worth something and do have qualities, which others admire. Affirm: I am worth taking the time to fight my depression.
  • Dizzy: Why do I feel dizzy? Is it an emotional physical reaction? Sure it is. Why is the dizziness happening to me? When the brain is scattered with thoughts or emotional reactions, thus it causes scatterbrain injury, which you can defeat if you learn to let go and let God.
  • Fatigue: I feel tired and weak. I have no energy to progress. Reaction: Physiological: Why do I feel fatigue and like I have no energy? Is it because of my emotional reactions? What can I do to fight this feeling? I am going to call a friend or family member to help bring me out of this state of depression.
  • Suicide Thinking: I feel suicidal. Why do I want to kill myself? Is it because I am worthless and have no value? Sure it is. What can I do? Wait, I can take action because I realize this is an emotional reaction causing my thoughts to think suicidal. I have control or can take control of my emotions. Affirm: I want to live.

Taking it one day at a time, as well as realizing enough for each day can help you to recover and manage depression. Thus, work out the things that are in your control and leave the things alone, which cannot be changed.

Say, change is good. Repeat each day of your life, sufficient for each day, and take it one day at a time. The more you repeat, the more you will come to believe, thus reactions from emotional charge will walk away. Continue to say, I am worth the time and effort to manage depression.



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