Causes Of Depression – Irrationalize Thinking

Causes Of DepressionSometimes you lack in reasoning when you irrationalize. Irrationalizing is the procedure, which is converse to logic or reason.

Irrationalizing makes it hard to think with a clear mind, which often occurs when shock, injury, or effects of the brain occur.

Still, irrationalizing is, conducted in math problems, thus it is, exploited to figure out answers to questions.

Sometimes we rationalize, which provides us reasonable explanations in justifying behaviors. Sometimes according to society those behaviors are unacceptable, which no apparent explanation finds reason.

This is part of the problem, since society cannot define us as a person, and nor does society have all the answers. Thus, it should not matter what society thinks of you, if you have a behavior acceptable to you.

In other words, do not, sweat over what others think instead be you. This is a common problem, i.e. people often worry about what others think of them, and this often leads to depression.

When dealing with influences of the world we often have to rationalize. Just because someone thinks, the persons’ think they are better or have more power than you do not mean they are right.

The logic falls on the theory, which a custom belief of assumptions placed on us all, and that we have to conform to adjust to other peoples’ rules. We have the right to tell anyone that we do not agree with, no. Simply put.

Sometimes the way the world presumes we are lead to believe that we have to respond to their questions immediately. The world of people expects us to reply in fifteen seconds, otherwise we are liars or confused.

The fact is these people have troubles because our rights say we do not have to answer if we do not wish too, nor do we have to reply immediately.

Actually, an intelligent person will say, let me get back to you on that. Now that you have a brief on your rights, assumptions, and irrationalizing, let’s see how we can conquer your depression while learning to manage our lives.

Here is a short test for you. Do not feel threatened, since there is no right or wrong answers. The test is word by association.

  • Worthlessness – What comes to your mind when you hear the word worthlessness? Are you telling me you have no value? Are you telling me that you are insignificant or triviality? You do have value.Thus, if you are telling me you are worthless, then read this article again, because you are irrationalizing without using mathematic resolves.
  • Isolation – What comes to your mind when you think of the word isolation? Do you think of antisocial? If so then you are wrong, since it is your decision to decide if you want company or not.Just because you isolate does not mean you are antisocial.
  • Sad – Speak what’s on your mind. What do you think of when you are sad? While thinking use new ideas and broaden your reasoning so that you can spot details and conclude your decision.

Ok, now take out a piece of paper and write down what you feel. How do you feel? Write down each detail, and then use your mind to discover purposes and meanings behind your logic, or way of thinking.

Continue this by keeping a journal each day, thus recording your thoughts, feelings, and pain. Review the information and write down what you learn when you are finished.

It will help you move to conquering depression while managing your life if you continue to keep a journal. As well, use word association strategies to define exactly what you feel and think.

Now that we are finished, you will soon learn to manage depression. Remember, you are worth the value of a person, thus you are a living soul, which God loves.



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