7 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues – Part 2

learning tai chiHere are some more tips to deal with winter depression; the winter blues or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) –

1. Eat fish. Salmon, mackerel, tuna and similar fatty fish can offer valuable nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids. These have been seen to be effective against depression. And remember cooking from scratch is better for you than opening a can.

2. Learn tai-chi. It can help to improve your mood by lowering stress, and can also help by improving coordination and balance.

3. Get outdoors for any kind of physical activity – walking, biking, jogging and so on. The exposure to sun will help not only your mood but also give you a Vitamin D boost.

4. Don’t cut out carbs altogether. Remember to have plenty of whole grain and treat yourself to some tasty treats such as mango.

5. Bounce on a trampoline. A NASA study showed that this exercise is as good as working out on a treadmill which can help boost oxygen levels, which can in turn enhance clear thinking.

6. Join a choir – research has shown that joining a choir can help improve one’s mental health by improving confidence and reducing problems.

7. If all else doesn’t work, do not hesitate to see a doctor who will be in a position to prescribe proper prescription medication for your condition.



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