7 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues – Part 1

winter bluesHaving to deal with this year’s unusually harsh winter can be bad enough in itself without having to deal with the winter blues. Here are tips to deal with winter depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) –

1. Cut down on internet time. Research has shown that those who are addicted to the internet have a higher degree of depression.

2. Imagine the lovely sight and scent of fresh flowers within the home; it can improve anyone’s mood. Research has also shown that flowers can help one cut negativity and improve energy levels.

3. Light boxes that simulate dawn can help reduce symptoms of SAD.

4. Get a pet or at least help to walk someone else’s. This can help reduce depression and get you outside.

5. Listen to music. It can help reduce pain levels. Research has also shown that listening to soft music before bedtime can help improve sleep quality.

6. Meditate or use mindfulness based cognitive therapy to help reduce negative thoughts.

7. Avoid gloomy TV. Rather than a sad soap, pick a sitcom. Laughter will help to make you feel better, while watching death and destruction on TV will result in a dark mood.



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