Useful Tips to Attain a Deeper Voice

A rich deep voice is associated with the sex appeal of a man in our society. A man with well built physique and chiseled features can sound ridiculous with a high-pitched voice. A deep baritone is not only attractive to the other gender but it is also revered by the same sex.

A proud owner of a deep voice can easily get the immediate attention of people. The lucky ones are born with an inherently deep voice and the ones who are not so lucky can still try and get a deeper voice through a simple voice exercise regime and the following tips –

useful tips to attain a deeper voiceKnow your Voice

Record your voice and listen over a good quality speaker or earphone to clearly observe your pitch and the natural tone of your voice. The voice should be modified to suit your personality and it should seem natural. Do not try to scream or speak in a lower pitch than your voice normally is as it would damage the muscles in the vocal chord.

Use your Diaphragm

Try and breathe deeply and use your diaphragm to generate the sound. This would help your voice sound deep and smooth. The right posture is also important to use the diaphragm and breathe deeply. Use a mirror to monitor this posture.

Strengthen your Neck Muscles and Relax Vocal Chords

Tightened neck muscles help the vocal chords to produce a deeper sound. The relaxed voice chords would help you sound smooth. If you tend to stress the throat too much to deepen the voice it might cause damage to your voice.

Drink Lukewarm Water or Tea Before Rehearsal

The larynx muscles would be relaxed by drinking lukewarm liquids helping you to achieve your goal. If you want a voice with a higher pitch, try drinking cold water as it would tighten the larynx muscles.

Speak Naturally

Try and move your lips and tongue in a natural manner or else the sound might be distorted.

No Nasal Tones

Avoid nasal tones if you want your voice to have deeper and richer tone.

Exercise the Vocal Chords

Keeping your head low start humming and then slowly raise your head to face the ceiling. This will help to strengthen the muscles of the vocal chords.

Speak your Syllables Slowly

Speak in a slow but distinct manner in order to consciously follow the new way of speaking. If you speak too fast you might tend to get back to your previous way of speaking.

Monitor your Changed Voice

Use a good microphone to record your new voice and listen to it using a good speaker or microphone. If you like what you hear keep practicing and carry on with it. If you think some changes are required, then work towards it.

Keep Rehearsing

Carry on your practice and incorporate the changes in a gradual manner.

Speak in Front of Others

Do not shy away from displaying your new voice in front of others. Check how receptive others are and then work on it accordingly.


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