The Importance Of Being A Good Listener

listenerIn order to achieve good communication, one has to be a good listener as well.

There are several tried and tested methods that one can try if one wished to improve one’s listening skills.

Here are some tips

1. You must learn to focus on the speaker first. When you are able to achieve this, then you will automatically be able to focus on what he is saying as well, so that you are able to listen to him and comprehend the essence of what he is trying to say to you.

2. You must acknowledge the other person when he is talking to you. This may be a small nod, or an expression like ‘uh-huh’ at regular intervals through the conversation, so that the other person knows that you are actually listening to him, and also understanding what he is saying to you.

3. If you feel your attention wandering, you could bring yourself back down to earth by asking a relevant question at regular intervals.

You could ask the other person to clarify a point, or ask him to repeat a point. This will indicate to him your interest in his comments.

4. Try to improve your body language. You could start by learning to practice facing the person who is talking to you, and also maintaining regular eye contact with him.

Remember; even if you pretend to be the best listener on earth, your body language will definitely give you away.

5. Similarly, learn to study the other person’s body language. You could for a start try to put yourself into his shoes and think, “How would I feel if I were in his position?” This will automatically create an air of empathy about you, and people will automatically start to respond better to you.

6. Never take any one for granted, and never ever make the mistake of interrupting when someone is talking to you.

Try to think of yourself in the same position: how would you like it if someone were to cut you off mindlessly in mid sentence, even if you happened to be talking about something extremely important.

7. Avoid getting into an argument when the other person is still talking. Similarly, don’t offer advice when it is simply not needed.

Also, do not judge the other person. Simply listen to him, and you will be able to learn how to be an effective communicator in business as well as in your personal life.



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