Men’s Non-Verbal Facial Expressions – Women’s Nervousness

CommunicationWhen it comes to the differences between men and women, many stereotypes exist.

This is particularly true when it comes to communication styles between the two sexes.

We expect men to be somewhat devoid of emotion when communicating.

For women, however, the opposite is true.

Our expectation is that women should be the happy, cheerful sex, which is mirrored in the smiley-face syndrome.

Many miscommunications can occur since female and male facial styles vary so profoundly.

Anxiety of Woman To Read Facial Expression of a Man

When a woman can’t take a read on the man with whom she is talking, it makes her nervous. She becomes confused and begins to doubt herself. She might even become more animated to generate a reaction, but the man will cling to his stony demeanor.

Certainly, when a woman increases her expressiveness in this situation, the man may believe that she’s becoming overly emotional. This undercuts her credibility. These occasions prompt women to protest, “I get in trouble when I’m excited.” On account of male facial stonewalling, the woman may cut short the discussion, explode in a rage, or keep away from personal contact altogether.

Some men love the stone face since they know that it makes the other person feel uncomfortable and throws them off balance. It puts them up to mark. What should a woman do when she encounters this ploy?

It is recommended that she recognize this ploy and then hang tough, refusing to be influenced by it. Or she can use the verbal package to expose the nonverbal, by saying, “I’m not getting a read right now on how you feel about what I’m saying. What do you think?” It’s a powerful move toward to let a man know that he is not intimidating her.

Neutrality in Communication

Although men might face an air of neutrality, there is actually no such thing as neutrality in communication. Women recognize negatively.

Men’s masking of facial expressions causes nervousness in women. This is why women often view and interpret men’s monotonic facial expressions as punishing and reprimanding or as negative feedback.

The monotonic face is one of the reasons women feel painful with men. Males can appear unavailable and emotionally inactive since it has political value to them; this is the ultimate nonverbal way for them to express their masculine control.

Discover The Art Of Conversation

It may be a cliche, but it is however true that the key to successful conversation is good listening – this is what makes other people take pleasure in talking to you. But good listening isn’t only about asking pertinent questions.

The constant non-verbal signals of your interest are in fact more vital than your occasional verbal queries, however well phrased.

The best way to send the right signals is, of course, genuinely to listen, blocking out your own thoughts and focusing on what your companion is telling you.

If you do this, you’ll impulsively offer the body language that a good listener does: you’ll look at your companion; you’ll naturally lean towards them and angle your head slightly to one side so as to hear them better. You won’t fidget or fiddle; your body will stay still and attentive, except for any slight matching of posture or gesture.

For extra impact, you can also ‘raise the volume’ on your body language signs of thoughtfulness. Humans are biologically programmed to feel good when they get a reaction from someone else, so the more feedback you give to someone who is talking, the more appreciated they’ll feel. Begin by angling your body toward the person who’s talking and you will be offering a nonverbal invitation to speak.



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