Tips to Interact with the Aged and Experienced

Senescence or old age is the phase of a human life when they undergo various mental and physical strains.  Due to their diminished lucidity, weakening visual and hearing abilities communicating them for even a short period of time can be frustrating and seemingly futile experience.

Your reluctant conversations and ignorance often have adverse effect on them. The consequences of this prolonged periods of loneliness creates frustration, anxiety and depression in them.

This article guides you to some techniques you can adopt to interact with your elderly relatives and patients and helps create a communication-friendly environment.

tips to interact with the aged

How to Communicate with Older People:

Some guidelines are communication procedures listed below can help you to interact with the senior citizens:

Reduction in Background Noises

Background noises can be very distracting and disrupt your communication with the elderly person you are conversing with. Also, if the person has hearing disability, the noises can prevent him or her from listening to you clearly.

Casual Topics as Starters

Do not start with the crucial message you were supposed to give the person. Instead, start with lighter topics such as what the person had for breakfast or about the weather. This gives a pace to the conversation and helps you to communicate the message in a more responsive way.

Stick to Topics Longer

Do not shift from one topic of discussion to another, frequently. This prevents the elderly person from following up to each one of them, thus prohibiting a healthy conversation.

Give them Time

Give the elderly person time to reminisce about the past amidst some conversations. Their memories are their important possession.

Give them Choices

Try keeping the sentences and questions short and give them choices to make decision-making easier for them. For example, ask if he wants tea or coffee instead of asking what he wants to drink.

Extra Time

If the person is taking time to recollect your question or find a suitable answer, do not feel irritated or restless. Give them extra time to answer to a particular question. Do not ask overlapping questions which can lead to confusion and hence failure to respond to you satisfactorily.

Clear Speech Helps

Clear and articulated speech helps them to understand your voices and pattern of speaking properly, especially if they have hearing problems. Making eye contact and putting a sincere smile on your face reciprocates a friendly approach and hence improves the quality of conversation.

As a representative of the younger generation you must show appropriate responsibilities towards the senior citizens. They need your help and support for their physical and mental health improvement and hence you are liable to gift them a happy, retired life ahead.

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