How To Dramatically Improve Your Daily Communications?

Every day we communicate–whether orally or written. Not a day goes by that we’re not communicating in some way with someone.

If you work outside your home, you communicate with the people you work with. Orally, you talk with your colleagues, you present information in meetings, or you train your staff.

With writing, you send emails, memos, and letters. You create proposals, articles, or books.

If you work at home, you communicate over the phone with coaching clients, or you call vendors, customers, or associates. You probably spend a lot of time on the Internet maybe communicating by email or through social networking sites, blogging, or your website.

And if you’re not in the active workforce, you converse every day with family, friends, merchants, and people in the community. You email, write letters, send birthday cards, or write in a journal, where you communicate with yourself.

With all this communication in your life, how effective do you think you are? Do people always get what you’re saying? Do they respond as you expect them to? Do they ask a lot of questions for clarification? Do they completely misinterpret your intentions?

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