Good Communication – a Workplace Requirement

Communication doubtlessly is a hugely important component of any successful relationship. However communication and good speaking skills are important from a professional standpoint as well. According to the Wall Street Journal blog, one of the things that employers look for most in a job candidate is verbal or communication or speaking skills.

good communication

We may think that it is a person with initiative that an employer looks to hire, along with qualities such as strong work ethics, analytical skills and teamwork.

However a recently compiled report shows that spoken communication is in fact the most desirable “soft skill” that employers look for when surveying applicants for a job. The survey also suggests that employers were not satisfied with the kind of communication skills they got from candidates indicating that there is room for improvement.

So how is it possible for one to display good speaking and communication skills when in an interview or otherwise when meeting with a prospective employer?

  • Consider using mock interviews to get an idea of what to expect – video recordings of mock interviews are available from career service offices and these can help you shorten response time and give you an idea about how to respond to various questions and situations.
  • Watching playbacks of one’s own interview can also be very helpful, says Amy McPherson, associate director for student and alumni services at Virginia Tech. This can help you identify unprofessional sounding sounds and verbiage that may creep into speech inadvertently – filler words like “um” and “uh”; “like” and so on.
  • The other way in which practice interviews can be valuable is that they can be timed, so that you know there is a time limit within which to give your answer. This can teach you to be brief and succinct.
  • In the absence of such practice interviews, one can use a friend to practice. Try and convey in simple words, and in brief, complex issues and have the friend do the same to you. This can be very valuable practice since it will enable one to offer up valuable and constructive criticism to one another.

Strong speaking skills can be valuable in the workplace not just at the interview stage but also very much so as part of your job. Teamwork, motivation of juniors, communication with a senior and other facets of work are very much reliant on good communication skills; so this is a talent worth developing; in the workplace and otherwise as well.



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