Top 3 Games Designed to Improve Communication Skills

In today’s world where experimental education has taken over conventional school methodologies, every day a new way of educating and developing your child is being researched. It is observed that one of the best methods to teach various things to your child is through games.

Following are some of the games which help develop communication skills. Following games are tried and tested for development of communication skills in young ones.

games to improve communication skills

1.Word Play Games

A popular game that has been rooted in the minds of children is ‘What’s The Good Word’ game. This was popularized by TV shows on national broadcast as well. This can be played with two or multiple teams.

A team member is given a word and a clue is given to his team mates and they have to guess the word. This game can help children learn synonyms and can be a good tool for building vocabulary as well.

2.Form a Sentence

A group has to sit in a circle and start with one word. The next person adds another word to the previously mentioned word thus forming a sentence. This selection of word makes your child think and speaks in the context of previously constructed sentence and thus learns a valuable quality of speaking in coherence.

Certain words can be given to a person who is enacting joker. This person will insert words from his bank whenever the situation is suitable. Another important point covered through this game is sentence formation capabilities in kids.

3.Tell and Draw

For most of the kids one of the major problems in communicating is the lack of descriptive abilities. This ability is important when explaining and elaborating the details. For this a game called Tell and Draw has been devised. In this game a team of two is chosen and each person is given a sheet of paper.

On one sheet is a drawing made with circles, squares and rectangles while the other person has a blank sheet and is given a drawing kit. Now both of them are kept far from each other and they have to verbally communicate the drawing descriptions and draw accordingly. A person with a drawing has to explain verbally what he wants the other person has to draw to match the drawing in his hand. It serves two purposes, vocabulary development and kids gain the ability to elaborate surroundings and situations.

The mentioned games do not only work well for kids but even for grown ups. Thus, at times these games even form a part of work shops conducted to enhance communication skills.

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